About Me: i am simple girl.

My Passions: to make people happy

My Challenges: myself

My Vision for the Future: to be a independent girl who can support others

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thank u ,i want to share my life but i dont want my name to b publish because i dont want to hurt any one.but i feel the need to publisize my story because there are lots of girls in my society who has become the victim of social rules and regulation.waht can i do. will it b the right way to share the story???

how can i smile

Hi there,

It is okay if you don't want to publish your name or email address. It is important that you and those around you stay safe. You can still share your story in a way that you are comfortable with.

You might like to consider joining one of our groups. Falcha is a group where Nepali women meet each other and discuss their issues and find solutions making the lives of Nepalese women much simpler. It is available here: http://www.worldpulse.com/pulsewire/groups/15419

Your friend


even i dont want to publish my email add but i want to b the voice of my society's female who has been using as trading good and as a birth machine.i dont want any award n publisize myself but want a voice to save those girls life who are compled to marry and treated them as materials through out their life..those girls who dont even know that they have right to live their own life.Sometime they live for their father and sometime for their husband and for children.Whole life they struggle for others but when they became old they are compelled to live in social organization,or arsham.lastly cursing their fate they die but the story will circle and circle sometime as nakali and sometime as sakali.Century changed ,scientific development changed but the self ignorance of their own right is compelling them to live the life saying its fate.And i cant do anything with my solitary effort.what can i do???

how can i smile