My Passions: writing, photography, traveling, knitting, reading, english, poetry

My Challenges: math

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Hello! Welcome to PulseWire. I think you'll find many kindred spirits here, especially for whom math is a challenge. At least it is for me.

With your love for travel and poetry, I'd love to know more about your story. I encourage you to take time to fill out your profile or post to your journal. I also want to encourage you to submit your personal experience with what the word "land' means to you. The deadline for submitting for My Story: Land is this Sunday, just a few days away. More information can be found here:

All my best,


Welcome to PulseWire and the thriving community of women who are lifting their voices in the name of empowerment! We are actively connecting across borders to make positive change for women everywhere!

I, too, would love to learn more about you and look forward to any stories you might want to share. Although I can handle math, I am completely impatient when it comes to knitting!

One place I like to explore is the Voices Rising section of the website, which can be found here: I love reading the thoughts, concerns, and joys of women from all over! It's so amazing to see how different we are but also how similar!

Again, welcome, and enjoy your explorations! Marlies

I'm so glad you found our community! PulseWire is such an amazing place to learn from and share with others and I know you will find a lot of support from all of our inspiring members posting from all over the world. If you have any questions about the community, let me know and I will help to get you started. I look forward to hearing more from you on PulseWire!

Be well, Michelle

Michelle World Pulse Technology Associate