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About Me

I am a orhelin both parents and change leader in peace and peaceful coexistence, education and the promotion of culture. Passionate for change and to have a favorable environment for the development and progress of youth. I am convinced that the youth is not only a future for the future but a force for this because a lost youth today is a generation with no future and buried. Together, we can do it

I am a self-starter with skills and experience in problem-solving and in leading teams. I have excellent communication skills: I can communicate effectively in five languages -English, French, Swahili, Lingala, and Kinyarwanda.

I have a sense of organization’s management. I am supple, with a mind of team work. I learn and adapt quickly.

I respect the human fundamental values, the respects of the human rights with a mind of pacific cohabitation and conflicts’ resolution.

I have good computer skills, Vsat Technology, Networking, operating systems and a diverse set of other knowledge.

My Vision

My vision for the future is to make the DR Congo and Africa, a full of hope place and great opportunities places for the youth who has suffered from war, violence and suffering of any kind, related to gender, sex, conditions physical and social classes. Coaching youth to become leaders of change and full dedication men for a lasting peace and a better environment for all. Act for peace and peaceful coexistence through art and cultural exchanges.


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