No Holds Barred: This Atrocity Ends Here

Rumbidzai Dube
Posted January 30, 2013 from Zimbabwe

It is her core-her being- her most private self-her pride-her DIGNITY

When you violate it you have stripped away her dignity, self confidence, pride & well-being

And so with a warped mind, a sadistic spirit that derives pleasure from her pain

He chooses to target it- pushing the dagger into her fresh wound

Society has normalised it-it happens, men shall be men & shall be men

They blame her-she wanted it or she looked for it, her skirt was too short

Why was she walking alone at night?

Was he not her boyfriend & what was she doing with him alone in a closed space?

They make excuses for him-mothers, sisters, brothers, aunts

If she speaks up, they label her

If she does not speak out, she dies inside

She questions if maybe, just maybe-she might have gotten what she deserves

She feels unworthy, dirty, violated-EMPTY

And why does she go through this? Because she is a woman!

Who understands what it means to walk with constant caution?

To be ever vigilant for your safety–

On your way to work, to school, in your office, even in your own home

And yet this is the experience of half the population of the world-DAILY

But repeatedly this experience is, IS belittled? Overlooked?

Underestimated? Misunderstood? Misrepresented? Sidelined?

Whichever one it is, not enough has been done to address it for the pervasive vice it is

We, the women of this world, deserve to live without fear

Fear of death, of terror, of hate and hate speech

Of violence and all other threats to our physical and mental well being

The world needs to understand that—;

Rape IS NOT about sex

Rape IS NOT about a desperate man dealing with constant deprivation of sex

Rape IS NOT illegitimate sex; hence justifying the marriage of girls to their rapists to retroactively legitimise the act is simply cuckoo

Rape HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH a wife reaching menopause, hence justifying a husband pouncing on his child

Rape IS about power and domination; hence as women we need to claim back our power

Rape IS a crime; and as women we must nail the perpetrators

Rape IS an attack on the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and personal identities of the victim,

And for this reason I AM RISING TO SAY-

This atrocity ends here!!!

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  • Osai
    Jan 31, 2013
    Jan 31, 2013

    Dear 'Dube,

    I hear you, I feel you. I rise with you and all my sisters. See you Feb 14!

    Best wishes, Osai

  • irene madara
    Jan 31, 2013
    Jan 31, 2013

    Dear Dube

    I most certainly agree with you,rape IS A CRIME and it should be punishable and condemned with utmost vigor.As women we need to take a stand together and fight to protect ourselves our sister,children and mothers.I was saddened by the story of the Indian lady who was gang raped and left for death last year.It was a painful site,she woke up that morning little did she know what was to come.

    More laws need to be set up to protect women against this violators and punish them.

    I salute all the women for their strength and power

  • mrbeckbeck
    Jan 31, 2013
    Jan 31, 2013

    Well said, sister, thank you. The tide is turning and we are all part of the change.

  • Celine
    Feb 01, 2013
    Feb 01, 2013

    Hi Sis,

    I concur with you, rising with you in solidarity to say STOP to RAPE of victims. No amount of excuses or blames is enough to justify stripping away a woman's dignity, self confidence, pride and well-being.


  • Rumbidzai Dube
    Feb 03, 2013
    Feb 03, 2013

    Thank you all for your comments. One thing that stands out for me is to remember that 14 February is a momentous occasion to make a huge statement against violence and we need to use that opportunity to achieve the maximum possible impact. However beyond 14 Feb, the reality is that rape will continue, violence against women will continue. We will need to carry our efforts beyond declaring our reasons for rising, beyond writing articles condemning the violence, beyond gathering a few testimonials from survivors or those who have worked with survivors. The struggle is far from won and we need to keep fighting-focus on education, prevention, protection and rehabilitation.

    Thanks once again,


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