When I go by bus, when I work with a group of people and even when I'm there in my university there are plenty of instances that I experienced plenty of verbal harassment psychological harassment, physical harassment because I am GIRL. For an instant when I'm seated in a bus the man seated next to me pretends he is sleepy an try to come closer! For some people this may be simple thing. But for me he is violating my freedom to be there. He does not have any right to do so. And by the way it is so much uneasy to travel for a long distance like that. In the work place or in the educational institution still the women are not given enough opportunities as I believe. Men believe that they are the ones who can control or organize everything. Personally I have experienced this. I thin the attitude of the people ; both women and med is the main reason for this kind of results. Specially the women should be much more confident while the men should understand the women also have a great capacity. We the women should change the situation!!

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Yes, I admit. It is so weird how some men consider women; a weak creature. And also it is disgusting! We should speak for ourselves. But the sad thing is when we speak against them at least the other women do not come for help. They look at us amazed. We should change the women's attitude first.

There is a saying in Kashmir ' A woman is a woman's worst enemy' . It's true even if common sense tells us otherwise. We need to work on that too. We have to come out in support of each other. That is what we are doing here :)