Neerudi annapurna an 19 year old girl was born in family of farm labourers in mudiraj caste in devuni angadipeta, phulkal mandal, medak district.Her father married another woman when she was too young. Her mother anasuyamma worked hard to raise 5 lakhs to get her daughter married to an able person. She topped IPE-Intermediate public exams with 836 out of 1000.She was qualified in APDIETCET-TTC to undergo teacher training in rabindranath tagore teacher traning college in anantapur. She dropped her plans as her college was too far. She pursued a bachelor's degree in sangareddy. She also interned in zilla parishad office and collector's office. It was an arranged marriage by anasuyamma. Prabhakar's family has demanded 6 lakhs to take annapurna home. Anasuyamma paid 5 lakhs by collecting hand loans and gold and said will pay 1 lakh later. Prabhakar's parents kept on asking for dowry through prabhakar. Prabhakar kept on visiting anasuyamma. There were instances where she was beaten up and threaten by in law that they will murder anasuyamma. It was transition period when madhulatha was born to annapurna. Prabhakar's parents weren't ahppy with madhu's birth.According to the tradition of telangana, after delivery mother has to be at parent's home for 5 months. During 2 main rituals, there were verbal and physical abuse from prabhakr's parents for dowry. May 4th was cradle ceremony of madhu and prabhakar came to take annapurna and madhu though anasuyamma cited different reasons so that she can stay longer. In just 2 days prabhakar came to devuni angadipeta and demanded 1 lakh dowry from anasuyamma. It was may 7th when that happened. Later that night annapurna was found dead in prabhakar's house in reddy khanapur. She was burnt completely. Annapurna's post mortem was done in government hospital, Narsapur close to sanga reddy.

Facts found- After 3 months of marriage, annapurna got to know prabhakar is HIV+ from narsapur mandal doctor. Prabhakar pleaded her and she stayed with him. One week before annapurna's death she was harassed by her mother-in-law. She compalined to mahila mandali. Police had given baby to shishu gruha, shishu vihar located in lane adjacent to ZP Office, Sanga reddy. School is managed by anganwadi workers and Sudha Rani was manager under the ICDS( Integrated child development scheme). In AP, annganwadi workers were contract workers. When the first visit was made, baby was fine. During the visit, she was shifted to sangareddy hospital. Prabahakar was in jail and case was taken by DSP, Thoopran. Immediatley after 45 days of imprisonment, prabahakar and his parents were on bail. Madhu was shifted to niloufer hospital. The question arises why madhu was shifted to niloufer hospital where she was killed?

Prabhakar is said to have all sorts of influnece with which he killed baby in such way that his name will never come out in case. There is no power for common man to raise voice against him. He will definitely face it.

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I am very sorry to hear of this story. My condolences go out to the victims. I'd additionally like to thank you for sharing this story with the world and the world pulse community. As we unfortunately know, this story is similar to many other stories of gender-based violence, dowry battles and female infanticide. I hope that bringing this story to the public that it will cause a band of supporters who are ready to fight this fight against these kinds of violence. It is now that these types of situations end forever. I'm curious, are their any NGO's where you live that work towards tackling this issue and if so, would you like to share a link to them on the World Pulse's resources exchange page ( I would be happy to help you set that up, if needed.

Thank you, Ashley

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