Ode to My Mother

Soil, air, water, trees,

Combine together

To form a nature.

Your love and affection,

Combine together

To give me an inspiration.

There is an open sky

Where every people live,

But, you have an open heart,

This is the only place, where I can live.

You, my mother, symbol of patience of quite nature,

And source of inspiration to forget all the tortures.

You are the beautiful creation of the god,

And the cause of my life’s gaiety.

Summer, winter, autumn, and spring.

Stays with us

Only for some times,

To give us new hope and happiness.

But, you my mother always stay with me to encourage,

And show me the way and hope in my life.

Life is a challenge,

Which you taught me to face.

You are my shadow, wherever I go,

You will be always with me.

No matters,

Whether you are far from me.

You are the vast ocean of tolerance and endurance;

You tolerated and never speak a word against the people, who didn’t do well to you.

Darkness of my life is removed

Only because of your struggle, to make me literate.

Oh! My mother, I remember those tears in your eyes,

Which you got from others, only because of me.

And for my success in my life.

But, I promise you,

I will fulfill your every dream that you have hoped from me.