Introducing myself and my journal: "If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it."

Mahlet Gossaye
Posted March 14, 2009 from Ethiopia

About Me: I’m starting my voluntarily activity before I graduate and I got my BA. I was working with different organizations as trainer. But most of the time I was involving in any position to develop my skills and knowledge. Through my voluntary service I learn a lot of things. That makes me to be stronger and to understand the community need. When I work with the community they were asking me a lot of questions. That was very hard to me to give all answers for their all question but I was dreaming and passionate to start my own organization to give the right answers for their all questions. I am discussing this idea with my friends among them the 5 girls were very interested to work with me. I shared my vision for them and we start our local NGO from small activities. We give all our services voluntarily for the community equally. We grow up the volunteerism idea in youths and women’s life. Now I am happy more than I can say a word. I am capable to give at least the half answer for the community questions. They need education, water, food, health and other facilitations. I hope we can fill the gap step by step. We are happy to work with any interested persons and organizations to help the vulnerable communities in Ethiopia.

My Passions: Empowering and educating women’s specially in developed countries

My Challenges: I need volunteers, advice and money to strength my organization

My Vision for the Future: Expanding free education in Urban area specially for women’s

My Areas of Expertise: More than 7 years I am working in different organizations voluntarily as trainer to empower vulnerable youths and women’s

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  • Jenna Kellam
    Mar 14, 2009
    Mar 14, 2009


    Welcome to PulseWire! What type of volunteer work have you done? What questions did you get from the people you serve?

    I think you have an ambitious and achievable dream. Let us know a little more about what you hope to accomplish with your NGO in the near future and some of your long term goals.

    Good luck with everything!



  • Mahlet Gossaye
    Mar 14, 2009
    Mar 14, 2009

    We give free educationThank you for your smart questions

    We give free education and trainings for youths and women to build their capacity. We focus on IT, Business and Empowerment trainings. In addition to that we have a plan to work on Reproductive health and Business development. But we want to focus more on free regular education program. Most of the time when I give training I saw more than half of them can’t to read and write a word. As you know in the developed countries we face a lot of economical, social and other problems. But the current citizens have a passion to change that. I am also the part of the citizen. My participants were asking me to teach them writing and reading, to give for them financial support and other basic needs but I was a student and I had no the potential to support. But now through our organization we are working with different organizations and we have a short term plan to start regular education program for vulnerable women’s.Our long term program is to establish training and education center for all vulnerable community.

    If you have any question you are welcomed to ask

    Mahi and trainings for youths and womens volun