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"Try and fail, but don't fail to try.” I like this quote. My life starts from scratch. Each scratch makes me to be strong and more active. I had born and grow up in Addis. I am the first child for my parents. As a woman I face a lot of problems in my life. But till now I am not giving up for those problems. I am always said ‘if you are women you must win your self’. In my internal life there are a lot of my personal problems and inter personal conflict like lack of thinking, cultural problems…That enforce me to be under all social problems and to be demoralized. So if I win myself I can know about me well and I can change others thinking through my personal life experiences. I can refer myself to change others life. I am working in different women’s organizations voluntarily to support other women’s want to empower women’s to create opportunities for their sustainable livelihood. I have BA but I want to see others when they got more than BA.I am very interested to empower elder women’s. For long year they were under their husbands control and they miss a lot of opportunities in their life. In Ethiopia when one woman marries she will be under her husband control and she will leave her all personal plans down. Every thing is planed, leads and goes by her husband permission. She always took little money to feed her children and her husband. She is a responsible person to manage every thing at home. So these and that problems block women’s to live far from every activity. So I am happy to empower them and train them to teach new things. For example my mother she can’t to read and write because when she was grade 7 student at her age 16 she was pregnant. She stopped every thing for the sacke of me and my father. So I have the responsibility to teach and change others women’s life. Some time my story like easy to say today then tomorrow. I pass a lot of challenges in my life but they make me to be strong enough to help others. I am starting new life and dreams now I am on the way to make a story for the future. “We must become the change we want to see.” Mahatma Gandhi

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You have really motivated me this morning by your article, its true we ought to try in life then never tried and remain a failure. I am also happy with your dedication to Women, few are people who give themselves freely to work for others without self gain. God bless and good day.

Regards, dando

I hope you will understand the whole idea.Some times language problem can cover your main ideas.So thank you for your opinion.

Mahlet Gossaye Intern Support Manger and M&E person DOT Ethiopia

Hello Mahi,

It is nice to read about how you have used the challenges in your life to make you stronger and more dedicated in helping others and empowering women.

I understand that it can be difficult to express your ideas in another language, sometimes I even find it difficult in my own language. But you have done a great job sharing your ideas and experiences and personal vision for the future. That is exactly what this project is about. Although I would have liked to hear more from you about how PulseWire and the VOF Project fits in with your vision. Whenever I am unsure if I am getting my ideas across, I always think about what I really want to say, and what is the easiest way to say it - then I discuss it with someone else.

I also really liked the photo that you chose this week as I think it is a really powerful image. You may like to consider linking your pictures with your words to help tell a story.

Best wishes,


You gave me a poerful opinino.I wish to share for all memebrs more than this.I have a lot of ideas but as u said the problem is language .But I don't want to give up for this slight problem.... Thank you so much.keep in touch

Mahlet Gossaye Intern Support Manger and M&E person DOT Ethiopia

Hi Mahi I loved reading your 2nd assignment. I agree with Katie on manny levels. I was hoping to read how Pulsewire will help you live out your dreams.

I really liked how you told your story of your journey. Using quotes in a story is a good way to start a story. It grabs the readers attention. Great job, Alison