About Me: I am 28 years old individual, struggling to cope up with abusive and unthankful love relationship. I am young, smart and healthy career at hand. I was ambitious and practiced strategy of live and let live. However for challenging standards set for female behaviors I fell victim of relationships where my confidence was appreciated at first but then same shades of my personality were used to demonize me. One after other chain of bad experiences I starting criticizing my own self. Unsure of self-esteem I went on with making wrong choices and got sour. Some how I have become addicted of shoulders to lean on, without judgment of if its worthy enough for me. I would have gone beyond limits with torturing myself by self sympathy till today. At present I am seeing some one who is abusive, disrespectful and unthankful to everything that I do or stand for. Besides all his verbal abuse I am coping up with him for no good reason but fear of loneliness, unseen and uncertainty. I got a wake up call when after series of restless nights and suicidal thoughts I hit a website in attempt of self counseling. Now I am here to seek support and extend support to all those like me. I want to join hand in hand to say no to abusive relationship and set our souls free. Because its not worth it. It will eat up our creativity, promptness and lightness. lets stop it before it takes away our most precious thing; the personality.

My Passions: hiking and camping

My Challenges: inner weakness of not using word NO

My Vision for the Future: an activist

My Areas of Expertise: training and project management

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Hi Mahwish,

I am here for person like you,

We can set a time for coaching and councelling

Dont be discouraged there is still, you will still be happy again, you will laugh again, you will be Loved gain

Add me in your community as I am not able to send PM to you

Stay energized and inspired

We welcome you, Mahwish. We are here to empower each other at World Pulse. Our journals open our hearts, souls and life experiences to all who wish to see how we work toward replacing the sour in our lives with the sweetness of sisterhood and friendship.

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