About Me: -je suis G3 En Droit Penale Et Judiciaire -Officier De Police Judiciaire -Comd District de la Police Nationale -Membre Accompagnateur Maman Shujaa DR Congo

My Passions: La Parole de Dieu

My Challenges: Droit de la Femme

My Vision for the Future: Je veux devenir Generale de la Police

My Areas of Expertise: Sud-Kivu

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Dear Makangila, I'm sorry but I don't speak French. I hope you can find someone to translate this for you. I have been praying for all the people of the Congo for a number of years and encourage you to help make life better for girls and women there. I've been involved with World Pulse for 5 years and believe in the philosophy that women and men are equal in the sight of God. Congratulations in joining World Pulse and Mamam Shujaa DR Congo, both well known and respected organizations. Blessings to you and your family, Makangila.

Once I blessed my faith to God you know I am a servant of God Reverend Pastor I stay in DR Congo in Bukavu precisely and am the father of 12 children, 7 girls and 5 boys I do not know if you have how Kid send me your address as to enable me to meet you On the edge. Similarly D'idea we have the same mission to see how our daughter and our woman can go ahead I also regret not knowing English and me and all that each one of us sit down to learn the language Internet keeps you and protect you throughout your life let me ask you question is you, you do, what, you live or and end I ask that you be blessed me and my family we salute you on behalf of our lord christ I knew this is my email address makangilasosthene@yahoo.fr Thank you my friend William Wrote

Makangila Sosthene

Bonjour mon ami William comment vous allez?moi je suis bien portant sauf que ça fait longtemps qu'on s’écrit pas ce pourquoi je me dit de pouvoir vous dire Bonjour vous et toute la famille aussi les frère en christ que vous vivez ensembles je continu toujours a vous encouragez pour votre temps de prière que vous prenez que Dieu vous comble sa gloire et sa grâce durant toute votre vie je ne peut terminer mon message sans pour autant saluée votre très Chère Épouse et nos Enfants que Dieu vous Bennisse de votre Frère Rev Past Makangila Sosthene

Makangila Sosthene

Dear Makangila, my name is William Cleek. I live in the northwest part of the U.S. Thank you for your message, I was able to understand your English much better than French. I am retired, we live on a small farm, but my passion is working to help the people of the world. I am very involved in helping the homeless in our area and helping children. My wife and I attend a small, rural United Methodist church. I taught children's Sunday school for over 25 years and lead a men's group from our church. God gave me passion to help women and children years ago and I have been faithful to obey what he wants me to do. Each morning I get up early to have quiet time to pray and spend an hour lifting others to God. I know a family here in Portland, Oregon, who are from Kinshasa. He is a minister and I have joined them for worship a number of times. I went to Liberia in 2008 with a team from our Methodist Conference and loved meeting the people, who were loving and Christian. My blessings on you and your family, brother Makangila.

My brother William, after to reed Hello your message I was really count with the support we have a woman Association Widows and Orphans Christian Call AVOC We sit to help Women and Children and the end of each year In a meeting we are meeting the Evangelization at least 17.OOO People whose parmies them 3.3oo Widows and Orphans 5.7oo you will see how we are organized for this conference goes well this is how we challenge to all people animated by the spirit of God to help us accomplish this meeting we also invite you to participate in this fill us with joy I will courage to the time you take to prayer for me and now I'm in a prayer of young 21 days will end May 19, 2013 We prayed to invoke the Holy Spirit and that we ca remains in my sincere greeting to the mom and all your dear God you bennisse ASSOCIATION OF WIDOWS AND ORPHANS CHRISTIANS AVOC association Just. GS No. 112/S-kv/2897/2009

Minembwe D R Congo


Mrs, Miss, Mr. and You are cordially invited to attend the fifth conference to be held in AVOC Minembwe, South Kivu, DR Congo, from 11 to 14/07/2013 The purpose of this conference is to create a participatory event focused on the plight of widows and orphans of medium and high plateaus of Fizi, Mwenga Uvira. This event is designed to facilitate and provide all people of goodwill various levels of support for these widows and orphans victims of tribal wars repeatedly. This program aims to reach about 3,300 very poor widows and 5700 children in especially difficult AVOC identified. These lives were tragically injured need your support material, physical or moral. AVOC has as intervention programs: 1. The schooling of orphans and other vulnerable children studying in various schools in the community. 2. Functional literacy widows. 3. The income-generating activities for widows. 4. Agricultural cooperatives. 5. Grain milling. AVOC intends to invite more than 10 000 people from all over this four-day conference teaching, prayer and awareness to support these innocent victims so they have a better future. Your participation is humbly expected. For more information on how you can participate, please contact us at phone: The organizing committee: Marie Nyasuku / Bukavu s.a.r.l)

For AVOC association


President Vice President


Minembwe R. D. Congo


 Wednesday 10 Julys: Arrival of guests at Minembwe.  Thursday 11 juillet2013: - From 9:00 to 12:00: Opening of the conference by the President of AVOC. Introduction Thread: Neither do I condemn you ... John 8 :1-11 -From 24:00 to 14:00: Rest and lunch. -From 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. discussions in various groups on the topic: the stigma of widow / victims.

 Friday, July 12, 2013 - From 9:00 am to 12:00 am: Conference on the theme: the charge: JOHN 1:1-11 - From 12:00 to 14:00: Break and lunch - De14h00 has 16hOO: debates, mob justice is it beneficial?  Saturday, July 13, 2013 -From 9:00 to 24:00: Conference on Exodus 22 :22-24 (assist widows and orphans is a guarantee of our peace) - From 12hoo at 14:00: Break for lunch. - From 14:00 to 16hOO: Mixed Debates: Children born after the death of a spouse are they orphans?  Sunday 14/juillet 2013 -From 24:00 9hoo a conference: Jacques Theme 1: 27 good religion. - Fundraising for widows and children in especially difficult circumstances. -From 12:00 to 15hoo closing session. - Presentation of recommendations and contributions of participants in AVOC initiatives. -16h00 START FOR ALL

For AVOC association Ms. NAMBONEKA AIMEE MPIMUYE DOGO President Vice President


Minembwe R. D. Congo STATE OF NEED FOR A SUCCESSFUL CONFERENCE No. DESCRIPTION QUANTITY UNIT PRICE PRICE EARLY OBSERVATION has TRANSPORT OF TRAINERS Nb cources PU PT OBS Chartering aircraft 2 1 $ 3,000 $ 6,000 2 rental vehicle to transport materials 1 $ 300 $ 300 Subtotal A $ 6,300 b. LOGISTICS SUPPORT Sound equipment - $ 2,000 $ 2,000 Generator 4 $ 1 $ 500,500 5 camera $ 1,250 $ 250 6 Training booklets 1 carton $ 300 $ 300 7 Flip shart 3pieces $ 12 $ 36 8 Ball Pens 2boites $ 5 $ 10 9 Cables extensions 100m 30 $ 30 $ Stabilizer 2000W 10 January 60 60 $ 11 Subtotal $ 3,186 b C Restaurant Ognons 15lbs 11 $ 2 $ 30 12 Tomato (carton) 25 February 50 $ 13 Rice 50kg bag 20 bags $ 50 $ 1,000 14 Vegetable oil 20 L 2 40 $ 15 Table Salt 30 kg $ 1 $ 30 16 Soaps: card 2 15 $ 30 17 Meat (cows) 4 heads $ 400 $ 1,200 18 Coffee: May 3 packs $ 15 19 Sugar 75kg 1.5 $ 112.5 $ 20 Milk Powder 50kgs $ 5 $ 250 21 Bean: 100kg bag 300kgs $ 2 $ 600 Local Contribution 22 Corn flour: 500kgs bag $ 2 $ 100 Local Contribution Cassava flour 200kgs 23 $ 1 $ 200 Local Contribution 24 Firewood: Stere steres 5 $ 6 $ 30 Local Contribution Subtotal C $ 3642.5 A number of human resources officer E CONTINGENCY $ 1,312.85 F TOTAL $ 14,441.35 New!Sign in and click the star to save this translation into your Phrasebook. Sign inDismiss Google Translate for Business:Translator ToolkitWebsite TranslatorGlobal Market Finder

Makangila Sosthene

Je vous souhaite bon anniversairede 10 ans D' Existance je suis le Commandant et Officier Superieur de la Police Nationale Congolaise qui soutiens les femmes chez Maman shujaa a Bukavu Nous sommes près a aidée les Maman a pleder sur leur cause et Nous Lutons contre toute violence sexuelle faite a la Femme Au Sud Kivu

Makangila Sosthene