Hello to all! I'm a little bit weary after almost a week of hibernation. My eldest son was hospitalized for three days and I was away for that period. We enrolled my preschool daughter to another kindergarten school with a heavy heart due to financial problem. My hubby is feeling so down and I can't do otherwise to help while the domestic pressure is getting high.

I'm getting very slow to take off for the program trying to deal with my roller coaster emotions. Though, everyday the rewarding feeling of being one of the 31 Pulse Wire correspondents slowly sink in. I just really wish I could have the luxury of time to enjoy the feeling of making through, but, my everyday life is full of diverse emotion which is driving me crazy sometimes.

And now, the long waited moment is here for another leap forward. We all have the reasons to be excited in soaring and plunging the cyberspace highways in advancing our self-empowerment and global women empowerment journey. Once more, let us hold hands and raise our voices together as we travel and engage in this noble and liberating task for women, children and the world of today and tomorrow. Have a nice takeoff!

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Hello Maya, its like we have been waiting to hear your voice once again. i am truly sorry for the state of your son. Is he better now? you sound so honest.

i mus confess that it is not eas to deal with emotions and classroom work but strong women like all of us correspondent will triumph in all situations. i agree with you that we have hold hands together and travel along. so you have my hand and i have yours and the rest of the group. longing to hear from you again. With Love, Gifty

Gifty Pearl Abenaab Founder Greight Foundation www.greightfoundation.org

Hi Gifty! its nice to be back once more . Thanks a lot for the waiting, My son is recovering so am I.. Thank you so much for dropping lines for me! Keep holding on together. .

love, malaya

Many times our circumstances are not the best we can hope for. But that doesn't matter. Because what matters is the outstanding heart, love and intellegence that God has provided for us. I mean, you are a person beautiful inside out, you have goals, you work hard, you are the soul of your home. So, those circumstances do not define you. You are who you are, regardless of what happens around you.

And we are blessed to have you around, as with your writing you enlighten our minds. Stay with us. We are here, eager to read what you post.

Have a great time with the first assignment!



Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America www.jap21.wordpress.com

Thanks Jackie! I have been reading you posts during my silence, I really wanted to drop some lines for you but i'm so immobilized as if I don't know how to write anymore. What a jubilation to be part of this community with all beautiful beings around ! Let's stay around together forever!

love, malaya

I wish we stay together forever, for real. I know it is hard to maintain realationships, moreover when these are with people so far away from us physically, but we may well be one of the first groups created through the internet that have grown to be so bonded together. It always amazes me, as I am part of other internet groups, always trying to make the Foundation I work for to be part of the world of non profits, I get to talk to other people from all kinds of backgrounds, but up to now I have not encountered a cozy place like this, with people like this.

Everyday I have some joy derived from this community. I think God is great as He has provided us with this space, through Jensine first, and all the team of world pulse that follow her. We, by writing here, have become part of the dream, and it is our duty to make it last and to make it comfortable for everyone coming afterwards, so that they will stay too.

It is a beautiful dream indeed, that we may stick together forever. I'll drink to that... this weekend hahahaha.

What did your son have? Is it anything serious? Please let me know. I hope it is not serious. I didn't think it was when I first read your post.

Love you lots, and add me to skype, my skype name is jap21dos.


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America www.jap21.wordpress.com

One thing I do really enjoy is this feeling of working together. I think it is an important change in the way things are done since before it seemed you were "taught" to fit one mold but now we are realizing that talking of the same things from our own unique perspectives helps us all grow in awareness as we try to raise awareness of others. I forget who said it but they had talked of never stop learning and this is an excellent and fun way for us to do this.

Sorry to hear your son was in the hospital, that is always scary! Isn't it hard to figure out how to handle the differences in what we are feeling? How we can be both overjoyed at one thing but super sad at another so it does feel like we are on a roller coaster going up and down and curving and trying not to feel the fear of that "upward feeling" since we know a steep plunge is coming next. I don't think I would ever ride a roller coaster, so not me! In that same way trying to find a balance where the lows wont seem so low while keeping the feelings of elation real will give us that added perspective for our writing, I think. We know because we are living it not just talking about it.

Hopes things settle down and hugs!


thanks for echoing my feelings vividly! learning to grow and survive gracefully in trials amidst us is an art as well as science. We are all going through with these in every steps of our journey in life. Maybe in many diffferent and unique ways but what matters is we learn how to live collectively and let others live beautifully.

always dancing in the winds of times, malayapinas

malayapinas, I am so sorry to hear about your son and will keep him in my prayers. I wish him a speedy recovery and will hold you all in my thoughts.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us for support as we are all your sisters and I do not want you feeling as if you are on this roller coaster alone. Even if it is just to let us know that you are okay. We welcome the opportunity to give you a [virtual] hug and help you in whatever way we can.

"We will surely get to our destination if we join hands." Aung San Suu Kyi

I am so excited for all of the correspondents and can't wait to see the magic that comes from this journey. So, take a break from the domestic pressures every now and then, and stop by for a hug. Best wishes, Janice

Having a short stop in this wonderful community gives me a sense of anchor in my daily battles in life. Thank you so much Janice for the assurance and support. I almost cried reading the enormous pour of support from this community. Wish we could have an opportunity in the future to be together dancing and singing in celebration of this very special moment in our lifetime. Rest assure i will be in this journey till the end !

love so much,


Hi Malayapinas

Really sorry about your son getting hospitalized, and your daughter having to shift school. I hope your son is fine by now. Please let us know. How is your daughter taking it? I am sure she is an understanding child and will understand why this is happening to her.

But i know you will stay firm amidst all the hardship..its evident from your courage and your words......as Janice says, we are all there for you and don't hesitate to reach out to us for the anchoring. And we will stay this way always...even after this journey comes to an end...But as for now, we should be talking about the beginning. The journey has just taken off, and we should make the best out of the wonderful opportunity given to us.

Wish you all the luck...

God bless you

Love, Khushbu

Khushbu Agrawal

Hi! Did i keep you waiting for long for my reply? Sorry, my friend. Thank you for the concern and the words of assurance. My son is still recovering, still taking his maintainance but he's okey and I'm a little bit okey now. Yesterday, I attended a parent orientation of my daughter's new school and I talk with the school coordinator. I honestly told her about my feeling, my apprehension and insecurity about the school, how they are going to shape my daughter . I cried because I was not really prepared for the sudden changes and I need assuance from them how they will going to handle my daughter. As of now, I'm okey and I think when it comes to mother children relationship, the parents are more insecure than the child ha ha ha. How are you doing reading your learning materials and the discussion with Cristi? I did post an article just last night , still trying to get in tune with the pacing of the group and the necessary requirements scuh as the skpype. haven't started yet - I'm nervous and I don't know how to use it. I will go to a computer shop tomorrow to ask assistance using skype. anyway, keep posting and wish you all the best in our journey.

More power and God Bless,



Great you are back, Missed your voice, and thank God your son is recovering.

Wishing you Happiness

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Dear Olutosin

Hi! What a great come back, having your support! Thank you for missing me I.'m slowly coming back and i'm so happy that my son is ok and I'm also a little bit relax compared to the past weeks . I'm still up for lots of work with lots of development in our country's political arena. I think we are on the same situation living a developing country. Wish you all the luck and the best in our journey.

best regards,


Dearest One,

Gail Straub, co-founder of the Empowerment Institute, and the woman who recruited most of the mentors for this program, always starts her emails to me like that—Dearest One. I always have a warm feeling of love, compassion and support wash over me, so I wanted to try it with you.

Dearest One, you are not alone. We are here for you. I know many of us can relate to the feelings of paralysis from having too many domestic pressures weighing down on us. How wonderful to know you have been visiting us - like reading Jackie's posts - and from them, receiving virtual hugs. What power of the word. What power of the Internet.

If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask. Maybe we will help. Maybe we will just be meant to listen. But sometimes the mere act of voicing something can give it wings.

With love, jennifer

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Dearest One,

I really reserve this time and space for you to let you know the comfort you bring to me upon reading you letter. It is such a wonderful feeling, the feeling of being comforted, of being carried like a child by her mother and father in times of trouble and need. I feel like being home, home with my mother. and my father bringing back the memories of my childhood and college days. What more can I say? Feeling being so loved and so dear is priceless. Yes, even when I seem to be carried away with my work and my household concerns, I see to it that i could have glimpse of you and our VOF community as long as i can have access to internet even without posting. For a while, after my came back and the outpouring support i receive from this wonderful community ( before yours and others that follows), I occupied myself with organizing my work backlogs, after my turbulent emotion settle down for a while as in back to business mood. I did writing an article in the discusion page with Cristi ( hope you'll read it), email you with regards to my skype and other details of the requirements ( which sounds formal), studying the learning materials and organizing my VOF files, organizing my work with series of meetings and consultations and many more. This way, my emotion slowly settle down and here I am now trying to refresh my self with you again. I find my way home , knowing you're there for me and all the other women friends who came along -listening to my pain and feeling my struggles- is good enough for me to rise up and move on again. The feeling i;ve got is getting stronger that I'm in the right place with right people and right women in distant space, Never in my imagination to come this way, I can't believe that there is such a community of loving women out there in a distant that touches each other lives and made ripples of change everyday. Wow! It really a fascinating experience. I really believe that great things come in life unexpectedly not by building castles on air but by building bridges out there. This experience give me more compassion, humility, gentleness and love particularly to my very supportive husband whose always there for me even in his lowest moment, my daughter who is the center of us all in the family, most especially to my son who grew up away from me and seems to be emotionally distant from me ( I need to love him more), my sister who stays through thick and thin with me, my colleagues who steadfasly battles difficulties and sacrifices for the service of the people and side by side join me in our work for social change and especially to the majority of the Filipino men, women and children who were deprived of such love and compasion in many ways.. My dear Jenny, my gratitude to all of you and I hope I will not fail you in our journey. Words of thanks are not enough I know and wish you all good health and more power!

with loving arms, malaya

Am sorry to hear about your situation, I want you to know that whatever you are going through it will definately come to pass. Take a day as it comes and don't worry alot. The world of God says be worry for nothing but in everything through prayer and thanks giving. To me you are a strong woman and I believe in you.

Best of luck in this journey.


Hello Dando! I;m okey by now as well as my son. I starting taking off nicely in our journey. Just trying to organize my time a littl bit so keep going . Hope you are also fine and going on smoothly in all your undertakings. My best wishes for you and your family!

with great love , malaya

Hi Malayapinas, It is good to hear fr om you, when we dont hear from Somebody, we wont know what is happenning to the person. I think we should all have each others personal email address so that anybody we are not hearing from, we will be able to contact the person. As human beings who are still in this world we are also affected by the economic recession going on in the world. Infact in Nigeria now there is no way you can meet your needs with your salary as a civil servant. Just last night, I cried myself to sleep, I have two girls in the university and i will want them to be comfortable so that they will maintain their dignity, My widowed mother is there that i must be giving something every month. In our free time we do all kinds of jobs to be able to survive,myself and my husband. Be encouraged my sister, do not let the pressure of life take away this passion from you,you are a very strong woman. I wish you success in all you endevour.

Love You Busayo

Busayo ObisakinWomen inspiration Development center Ile-Ife, Nigeria busobisaki@yahoo.com womeninspirationcenter@gmail.com http://womeninspirationce.wix.com/widcng

Busayo my dear,

What a great time for me having women like you on this place in time! Thanks for the concern,, though I've a liitle bit slow in responding my emails but my heart beats faster than my fingers in feeling all the words of support from you ang giving back my appreciation for the care you've give me in times i;ve been of down recently. The worst is still yet to come in this global recession , we must be more strong and determined to continue our passion for women empowerment in our own small way and let it begin in us unceasingly.

wish you all the best , malaya


Hello Malayapinas, Just stopped by to let you know I'm here, I'm listening and I'm sending you love. Blessings Tina

Hello Tina! Thank you for the stop, It was heartwarming and it helped me moving own slowly at the start. I read your post in the discussion with Cristi and find it very empowering! keep it up my dear, people need us in this troubled times! More power to you.

best wishes, malaya