Dear Friends,

Congratulations for all your captivating stories! I was so impressed reading all your stories and the very inspiring comments. I’ve got a feeling that I’m so in love reading your stories rather than writing my own. Yap! It’s really an uphill battle for me finishing our first assignment especially the last part. I had a brain-freeze, nothing comes out no matter how I tried (I don’t know if this is normal for journalists). And I feel so drained after submitting the last part of our first assignment. Thanks for the short breathing space!

I really found it hard to start writing for our first month assignment, as if I don’t know how to write anymore. Much I enjoyed reading articles and comments every time I logged in to Pulse Wire. My gosh! Such a powerhouse of women correspondents and Pulse Wire team! I really wanted to engage with all of you but I was racing with my interviews, reading and finding the right rhythm and the right timing writing my assignment. I’m fighting my own battle to win against my insecurities, my overstretch time schedules, very demanding work loads ( I need to be 24 /7 on call for quick response ), domestic and maternity concerns and the high demand of concentration and time for writing as a beginner.

Fortunately, I made to submit the last part of our assignment beating the deadline. Not so sure if my write up of my stories is something to be proud of. Though, I’m very happy with the comments from our dear Jennifer and it made me cry. My happiness amplified when we’re (my mentor and I) able to connect and talk over the phone. It was great and a very consoling moment for me after the hard work!

My best wishes to all of you as we join hands in another wonderful journey of discovering ourselves as journalist for women’s voices! Keep believing in ourselves!

Hugs, malaya

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Malaya, I love the fact that you shared this with all of us. This morning i thought of how to overcome barriers as far as this training is concerned. Sometimes you dont feel like doing anythig. Sometimes you are too busy but great people manage to do what they have decided to do. You are GREAT na di am proud you are here with us.

All the best and i wish you Strength and Grace for this journey. love, Gifty

Gifty Pearl Abenaab Founder Greight Foundation

Hi gifty pearl! You're such a temendous young woman who have a big heart to care and is always there to support! Thank you so much. The world needs more young woman like you who have brilliant ideas to share .

more power and more blessings!

love, malaya

I had a lot of problems too with my story, and I don't think I did a great job, you know. Reading your post is very inspiring to me because it gives me the sensation of togetherness that I really needed. All of us have been really busy lately and have lost the greater view of team work a little bit. For all this, I thank you from my heart and hope you do the same great work you usually gift us with. We will be waiting to read you.

Hugs, Jackie

Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America

You made me smile Jackie! At least my guilt feelings lessens . Sometimes I feel guilty for not giving feedback, i know you also needed my support. Though, I'm happy to know I shared lightening your burden in our challenging journey through this letter I made.. We need each other to make the world whole again !

hugs to you ,


dearest Malaya, You have echoed the thoughts of many of the correspondents who have, at various times, also felt overwhelmed so know that you are not alone in this journey as Jackie and Gifty said. There's an old Buddhist saying that states "If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking."

You are facing in the right direction, and already your writing has taken on a deeper richness and your words so beautifully capture the essence of your story. I particularly liked your "Tempered by Hard and Challenging Times" piece which instantly connected me to Tita Lucy in a personal way. The race is not always to the swift, but to those who keep on running.

Know that we all go through periods of being overwhelmed, of feeling we are not giving our best and wondering whether to give up, but you have such potential and I know that Jennifer will work with you, should there be times you just cannot meet a deadline. This is no longer about running against the clock but about nurturing and mentoring you all to bring out the best in you. And sometimes, that takes time, given your other demands in life, and so just drop Jennifer a line as I know that she will guide you through this period with loving support.

And also know that we are all here to listen, to offer a shoulder to lean on or give you a hug, when you need it most. With much love and best wishes, Janice

Dear Janice,

What a big big warm heart you have! I'm feel so high as always reading your comments. thank you a million times and the more I feel going down , you're there to lift me up. I'm trying to understand how I'm going through with this journey new to me and I'm learning a lot. I may not be the one I wish I could be but by simply being here , giving the best part of me to the PulseWire community and to the world is good enough for me. I'm happy to know that for the simple letter I wrote , I have touches the hearts of my VOF community like gifty, jap and voctoria. I think this is terrific! I am touched by your words " the race is not always to the swift but to those who keep on running" . What a powerful words for those who are trying.

Opps, before I end , i'm happy to share with you that my daughter is enjoying especially her chinese class in her new school. She teaches me during our home study time. It's full of fun!

hugs to you, malaya


I am impressed about Malaya and her honesty... And looks that she was scanning through all our minds and give a feedback!

And such support is the most important thing to do - team work and encouragement. I believe in difficult moments we know how to treat each other. And we must fight for not loosing any of our mates! Because if we do... we might break the change and we don't want any wounds, we are here to be with you Malaya... To me, you are a discovery at this late hour and I hope to hear from you any story,,, There is no measure for being perfect, we are all developing...

And Janice - I loved your quote:

"If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking."

Keep it in mind!

WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

Dear Victoria,

Thanks for the wonderful comments and the assurance of fighting out our presence to each other. Words are really empowering and it has its importance especially in our on line long distance partnerships. We need more words to touch each other more than those who are closer physically. Thank you for discovering me . I believe in what you say, there is no measure for being perfect , we are all developing - powerful words to live day by day.

I wish you all the best Vicky and hope we could be more in touch with each other!

best wishes, malaya

Hi Malaya

You are not alone in your journey..i bet each of us went through that phase..especially the ones who had hard time getting their interview. I got my interview one day prior to the you can imagine how much i had to struggle to complete the assignment.

As you mentioned, i had a brain freeze for the last part of the assignment, i.e the solutions sidebar...i had to STRUGGLE to complete it.i couldnt write one line, but when the final final deadline had come, i couldnt help and had to scribble anything that came to my mind..i really dont know if i did justice to the assignment...

But i like the honesty with which you described your feelings...they reflect each of us...and BTW, i love your have no apprehensions about it!

Love you


Khushbu Agrawal

Dearest Malaya,

Your honesty has touched me deeply. You have shown such courage and wisdom in your words. And look at the outpouring of love you have caused - to you specifically, but also between all of us. Because now we all know that we are not alone in our moments of uncertainty.

Janice is absolutely right. When you are feeling overwhelmed and concerned about a deadline, drop me, Scott, Cristi, or your mentor a line. This program is meant to help you unleash your voice... as defined in large part by you. I do not think I can stress this enough. As this is our pilot year, we have a lot of room for flexibility. Deadlines can be shifted, paces can be slowed, and those pesky monsters that rear their heads and tell us we can't do it? Well, they can be tamed.

I'll let you in on a little secret. I get really overwhelmed, too. This is all just as new for me as it is for you. I love the journey and I feel so lucky to have met all of you. Most days, though, I wish I had a time machine so I can rewind the day and fit in what I couldn't get to. All that means since I don't though, is I go to sleep with thoughts of you dancing in my head. No wonder I wake with a smile!

With love,


Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

Hi Malaya, You have been doing wonderfully, be encouraged my dear and i want you to know that there are times i would be so tensed up that i would feel like just dropping the whole thing but what keeps me going my dear is the fact that our own destiny lies in our hand. when this thought comes to my mind it will be as if ten people enter into me and join their strenght to my own.This program can be so overwelming because we all have series of things we are involved in before and it is like this is taking a full time. i just want to encourage all of us that we can create a time table and arrange all our activities and give each activity specific time in the table. Try and follow the table religiously and see how it geos. This is what i am doing now and it helps. It is being a wonderful time we are having together. PLEEESE we have to continue.

Hugs Busayo

Busayo ObisakinWomen inspiration Development centerIle-Ife, Nigeriabusobisaki@yahoo.comwomeninspirationcenter@gmail.com