Watching beauty in the silver and blue seas My heart connects to the deepness of my soul Searching for my rhythm in the midst of nature’s nest

As the wind touches my face I can feel laughter of yesterday’s memories The happiness of friendship and love That brought harmony in our journey for life

As we go along in this path for freedom Contradictions always come with imperfections And finding balance keeps us closer In fighting for tomorrow’s promises

Love, peace, freedom and justice!

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My dearest all,

Yey! I never thought I could make this short poem and I'm so happy today! I would love to hear some feedbacks for improving my poem.

love, Malaya

Love it, and love you! The middle stanza brings so many memories back to me... of our time together with the entire World Pulse family here. I'll never forget that! <3, Scott

Scott Beck

hoooooooooooooooope you are fine... Miss you roomie... I also feel the laughters of yesterday morning............ Its a beautiful and strong piece darling...

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet

Ha! Ha ! Ha! I miss you too ! Thank you for appreciating my poem - I'm so inspired... it's really magic ! How I wish I could write more!

love, Malaya