Dear Hearts,

Hi Friends! How are everybody? I hope everything is fine with all the busy lives we have . I'm so sorry if I'm not that active on line lately - just having so many things to do . The world is revolving so fast ! I feel I can't cope up with all the things I'm doing and I wanted to do with every turn of events. I just finished my article on Haiti Earthquake which I took it me more than two weeks finishing it. Please have look:

I will also be posting another article about the 43 medical health professionals who were arrested, tortured and detained by elements of military. The military accused them as members of the Communist Party of the Philippines who were undergoing training on making explosives. Now they are still in prison and no visitors were allowed to visit them. . Another woman activist form a peasant group was also arrested two days ago suspected as member of the underground movement.

I hope you are all well and happy! Happy Valentines to all !!!

love, Malaya