Hello my dear friends, sisters, classmates of the VOF 2009!

Where is everybody? I missed you all! On November Jackie, Sunita and me will be together in our US speaking tour. We will be meeting our amazing WP family led by our brilliant and energetic Jensine. This is a lifetime experience for all of us, I'm sure . Personally, I will be raising your voices in every corner of this women empowerment tour together with Jackie and Sunita.

I know everyone of us is busy with our own lives but deep in my heart you are always and will always be a part of my journey for women's empowerment and liberation from discrimination , oppresssion and cruelties of the world!

Keep up the fighting spirit and the power to create changes! I Love you all!

hugs to all, Malaya

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Dearest Malaya, What a joy it was to see your name in my email box. My heart is pounding as I think about this journey you will take together, raising the rooftops with your voice, passion, commitment, ideas, dreams and light. Oh, how I wish I were there but you know that I am smiling with you and hugging you all as you move from city to city, from meeting to meeting, from one enraptured audience member to the next.

Please do report back as often as you are able to share your experiences with us all. We eagerly await the news, to hear the excitement in your voice, to know that you are carrying each of our voices across the US and urging audiences to stop and listen to their sisters around the world.

As our dear Rafiki Araceli stated: "Women don't need empowerment, Janice. Women have the power to become empowered themselves in a blink, they just need a bit of confidence and a few means to make that happen. They do the rest all by themselves."

Urge the women you meet to reach out and join hands with all of our sisters, to help them bring their ideas to fruition. Once they have the means, they will be unstoppable!!

Have a most inspiring and joyful journey. We are all standing with you and sending you our love. Janice xx

Dearest Janice,

I don't know how to express how happy I am everytime you email me. You're such a great friend ! Everything is so amazing here Janice, I just can't explain the feeling I have now.

Just as I write Jensine, I hope I will not fail all the women and men of WP and I can be the best of evething you wanted us to be. I'm so grateful and thankful to all of you who made us what we are now.

I hope someday, we can see other , I'm sure. I will be seeing you cheering in every step we take in our tour. Yap! you are here with us , with all your heart!

I love you and please stay safe in your own journey!

love, Malaya

Oh yes sister, how do you do? We missed you too, and wishing you all the best.....

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale Founder/Project Coordinator Star of Hope Transformation Centre 512 Road F Close Festac Town Lagos-Nigeria https:

Hello my dear comrade sister! Thank you for the response! Hope life fines you well there in your beautiful place, So happy to hear from you! Please have a look on my recent post if you have some spare time.

take care and be safe, Malaya