Dear VOF Sisters,

Greetings to All Women Workers of the World and the VOF Community!!

Yes! I'm still very much alive and still enthusiastic to write here in my PulseWire journal. I had just a short pause for a while in this wonderful journey of journalizing for having another experience of meeting different women leaders in the advocacy of good governance. In that meeting I was able to meet a newfound wonderful friend whom we had great time together disclosing our innermost feelings as to our marital relationship without inhibitions. That was our first meeting but I already feel that women power within us as we unload our burdens and trust each other.

I was so thankful of that bonding I have with her , of having fun together as we shared our marital blues til the wee hours of the morning. Giving me her wisdom how to nurture my marital relation was such a blissful experience and i owed her so much for that. I know there are lots of women of her kind in this community we have now and i'm looking forward for that opportunity where we could come together and meet each other personally and talk endlessly anything under the sun. Wow! I think that would be fantastic event in the near future!

How I wish we could maintain and nurture this newfound community we have, even now the program is over and for those who will not be included among the 30 deserving ones. I know its not easy maintaining this bonding we had started considering the different context of our daily routines and the motives why we are here. In any kind of relationship, I think , establishing a relationship is a little bit easier than maintaining a relationship.

For the earlier part, there is still the excitement , the mpmentum , the andrenaline rush and having the best foot forward in building such a commitment . B ut as it goes along in time and space , relationship transformed different from the level its started . Commitment and responsibilities of parties are put to test and its survival depends on the motives of how its started and how it us being nurtured and prepared to another level of partnership. Relationships are not static its always dynamic, interactive and innovative. I supposed this should be my relationship with VOF community. This is easier said than done . Personally, I'm always a believer of positive thinking and finding positive things in a negative situation that's why a friend of mine told me that hope is my home.

Finding hope for the VOF community to be as dynamic as we started lies in our self determination for women empowerment. We still need each other beyond this program. The program and the aspiration to be the voices of the future does not lies whether we are included among the 30 successful applicants but lies on our commitment to be the voice of the future , the voice of hope for our sufferring women and children and the oppressed people of the world. We have started and we need to continue for the future of the unheard voices of women and children. We are winners and continue to be winners in our own right and for the future. Long live the VOF community! Congratulations!