A woman of courage, faith and determination, Mama Africa proudly describe herself as a “Beautiful Woman”. Her beauty is best reflected in her steadfast fight against poverty, gender inequities and HIV- AIDS in grief-stricken Africa. Born in Nairobi, the most prominent city in Africa, Mama Africa was orphaned at the tender age of fourteen, a living witness of how HIV-AIDS painfully took the lives of her parents, left her nothing yet rise up victoriously in life.

At 33, MamaAfrica the Founder of Project Africa , a successful social entrepreneur is a happy mother of her three year old son. Putting aside her media work as TV producer in her native place she finds more satisfaction in working directly with Kenyan women. Currently based in Sweden working and studying International Relations and Communication Development, she devotes more of her energy, promoting women’s programs and connecting people around the globe in combating poverty, disease and hopelessness in Africa.

Inspired by the well- known “The Lady with the Lamp” Florence Nightingale and having the love for Gospel music, MamaAfrica is also a Maidservant of the Daughters of Zion Ministries-Africa. With a prophetic mission in her heart MamaAfrica firmly believes that “God has given Africa into the hand of a woman, like he did Deborah (Judges 4:9). So shall He use a woman in Africa to deliver Africa from HIV/AIDS, Poverty, War, Crime, and all types of bondage--and into the hands of Christ-- AFRICA WILL RISE AND SHINE! ”

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Malaya, you did more than a good job, you did a wonderful job. I imagine that it must be so difficult juggling everything but you managed to post this and what a delight it was to read. I hope by now your son is fully recovered and back to his normal active self. Has your daughter settled in to her new school? That is always frightening when you are young and I hope she has now made some new friends. Do not stress about the assignments as I know that the team will understand. Best wishes to you and sending you a big hug, with love, Janice

Thank you for the very inspiring words ! I don't know how did i came to manage all of these stuffs. Thinking about it, i just can't believe it's happening to me - When we had the interview with MamaAfrica i had to stop every now and then talking and listening because my daughter was besides me getting my attention and making noise to disrupt me from speaking to mamaafrica. I'm just happy that MamaAfrica had the patience waiting for me on the line. Today is her first day of class i stay the whole afternoon inside the classroom (upon her request) just to give her a sense of security being with new faces. I'm very emotional with my daughter - i think i'm the one that is most affected by her transfer to her new school. I hope i can settle with this soon. My son had fully recovered and i'm thankful for all your support. Yap! I owe you something - ill just send it to you in your email for that. My dear Janice, you are all such a wonderful persons , no matter how tired and stressed i am but i find meaning in my engagement here in PulseWire. Thank you for being so dear!

Wish you all the best and warms hugs to you too, malaya


I have gotten to know Mama Africa throughout the last few months being involved in the Rafiki Club and your report has conveyed her motivation and vision beautifully. To hear that you wrote this with your daughter vying for your attention with Mama Africa patiently understanding what it is to take care of a young child, speaks all the louder. Nicely done!



Thank you so much for appreciating my work. It's great to hear from you again my dear Laura! As days and nights passes by,here at Pulsewire, my heart is intensely link to this wonderful place on earth. Being an international correspondence- My God! My goosebumps are appearing high and i just can't imagine myself before and even until now being a correspondent here at Pulsewire. I'm learning so much everyday and my only wish is give more of my best for the women and children of our times in my journalistic journey here at PulseWire.

best regards , malaya