Many times it is understood and interpreted by different Researchers that we AFRICANS believe so much in God because we are poor .Yes it is true, we believe that God does every thing for us and all are seen as miracle But there is what we may term as UN EXPECTED ! were you have lost hope and you individually as per your capability you can not go any further,you are stuck then That most hidden God does things that amaze us and we call them Miracles bellow is sanyu 's story

Sanyu is a 13 year old girl an Orphan a Victim of both HIV positive parents , Sanyu was burnt with Petrol all her body just right from her private parts and the all body at the orphanage center of Mama Africa International Organization . When the home mother care smelt Petrol in the pit latrine,she cautioned all Kids at the center that" if any one feels like going to the toilet should ask for a lantern or a torch because we have not electricity at the orphanage center.Normally they do so but this time sanyu did not ask for any of the above ,she went with a candle and a a march Box .so wen on the Pit latrine she put the candle down were fire began from and caught all her body and all the clothe that she had on her self were burnt .she turned into black just few minutes after the malicious act This was a malicious act by some malicious people who we have not yet found out what their aim was up to now .

The time we took her to the hospital we never thought she will make it in November 2010 she went into coma, ,she stopped Urinating,could not walk neither sit on her own .we could feed her through Tubes

After a lot of prayers from friends around the world ,support and Medical assistance from Doctors Sanyu is getting back to life she can now sit,walk slowly, Urinate and feed her self after 4 moths in the hospital .

There are Miracle that God does and even Sanyu young as she is ,she understands already the Miracle of life she received from God . Yes she still needs some more prayers ,support and love from friends ,parents,sisters and brothers around the world her to come back to normal life .we thank God for this indeed it is a miracle .

bellow are her some of her past and her current pictures while seated

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That is a truly amazing story. It brought tears to my eyes to hear of someone being hurt so badly and the effects that she felt. It also brought tears to my eyes to hear that she is doing better and is improving. Truly what a miracle. Thank you so much for sharing your story and I send my thoughts and prayers!

Sally Smith

Dear Mama Africa,

What an incredible miracle story! While it was almost too hard to read, it is a story that needs to be told. It is a miracle that Sanyu survived and is healing. It seems as if she is meant to accomplish something for the betterment of this world. Thank you for sharing this story. I will keep her and her family, and you in my daily prayers. aloha, beverly

Hi Aloha I am happy that we have a big family around the world thank you for your prayers please keep her and us in your prayers i am sorry that it was hard reading i wish i would simplyfigh it but i cant we love you all God bless i will pass this mesage to her

thank you for supporting women worldwide winnie Mama Africa International Organization Uganda P.O.BOX 35321 kampala uganda

Mama Africa,

What an amazing girl Sanyu must be to fight and carry on each day, smiling and doing her best, after such a horrible incident. Her survival is indeed a miracle, and also I think your sharing of difficult stories is a gift to us all, a reminder of our need for connection, appreciation and faith.

Thanks for submitting this, Frances

Dear Frances, Thank you for caring and writing to sanyu i am passing this information to sanyu i believe she has a very big family from and i also tell her that yes it is a miracle for all of us and she makes us smile

please keep praying form us . God bless you

thank you for supporting women worldwide winnie Mama Africa International Organization Uganda P.O.BOX 35321 kampala uganda