women given sheep
  • women given sheep
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On 02/6th/2010 we had a community poverty Eradaication day organized by Mama Africa international Ministries in Uganda . venue :KIEREDDE COMMUNITY (Mama Africa international ministries operational area .

Many women came to us as the organization & to me individually for help and they turned out to be many for a individual support .so we decided to ask them to go into groups whicg they did and after they name dtheir own groups names like kamu kamu ,tukole bukozi and many more .we got 7 groups each with 3 people.

We got different groups according to their religions because some are moslims and some are christians

those who are moslims got sheeps and those who are christian wanted to look after pigglets .

With the help of friends that i went on speaking to ,we managed to get people who bought 3 heads of sheeps and 5 pigglets and one mother pig for each group

so we invited even the local counsils ,LC1 chairman ,conselors of the village and the people around the community to sensitise them more about how we can fight poverty together in the community not just as an individaul family .

We know it as an organization that no one ever be capable of monitoring his/her wealth with out being healthy so we also invited TASO UGANDA (THE AIDS SUPPORT ORGANIZATION) WHICH GOES AROUND THE RURAL AND URBAN AREAS OF UGANDA SENSITIZING people more about HIV AIDS ,how to fight and protect them selve for those who are not HIV positive and they sensitized MORE Teanagers about how they can protect them selves and those who are HIV positive how to live longer and look after their wealth .

Our mission here is that we teach these people in the community more about working together as a group,caring for each other ,and standing together as a group will help them help thier communities .

We beliveve this will help much these communities .

we want to than all friends who came up and bought a pigglet ,a sheep for a group and we request more friends who might be willing and love to help community groups to fight povert in Uganda with just $50 for a sheep and $ 20 for a pigglet te on www.mamamafricintministries.org and our email addres is admin.mamaafrica@gmail.com

once again thank you all who are supporting us to help the community

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Hi Winnie,

I was so excited to see you back on PulseWire, sharing the great work you are leading in Uganda with Mama Africa International Ministries to eradicate poverty and promote health.

And I love the pictures - as they help paint a clear picture of empowerment happening in the communities you are working it.

Love, Jade

thank you jensine i believ with your support i have managed to do all that thanks to pulse wire to allow me publiscise the work that we do in Uganda

thank you


thank you for supporting women worldwide winnie Mama Africa International Organization Uganda P.O.BOX 35321 kampala uganda WEBSITE:www.mamaafricaorganization.org