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Mama Shujaa
Posted February 10, 2009 from Kenya

About Me: Mimi ni Mama Shujaa. I am Mother Courage,finally. I consider myself multilingual and speak languages better than others, especially those that require almost no translation. :-) As a child growing up in Nairobi, I spoke both Kiswahili and English, internalized some Kikuyu and Kichagga, picked up German and French in furthering my education. These days, I dream in English most of the time as a result of living in the Diaspora for so long. My passion is writing prose and poetry, and in my writing, I inject Kiswahili words here and there, for flavor and because it makes me happy. I live and work in the U.S.

In my non-corporate world, I serve as Vice-Chairperson of The Association of Kenyan Professionals in Atlanta, a non-profit whose mission is to promote the wellbeing of its members through the mobilization of resources and talents. I founder of a non-profit cultural organization engaged in promoting African culture and education for children, the Njau Foundation.

I am the daughter of pioneers in Africa, trailblazers who had the courage to believe, who made sacrifices as artists on behalf of the continent. My challenge is to continue the legacy with ushujaa [courage]. My mother, author Rebeka Njau and my father, artist Elimo Njau. My husband and I have three beautiful ones - we continue to feed their utu [their souls]

My Passions: Prose and Poetry

My Challenges: To discuss and expand the vistas of African women, men and children

My Vision for the Future: Move our thinking forward, uplift and inspire

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