Dear Rafiki Club members

Once again I thnak you for your kind support. We have just received news that our collegue Elsie has received a letter from her Rafiki. See details on our journal on

As I had promised, I have hereby prepared a tentaive guiding plan for the project and it is my hope that we will al find this project to be rewarding.

We will compile a full list of Rafiki members and thos e we have been paired with by when at least most of us have received their letters so that we can be sure of those who have friends.

As i mentioned earlier the women in Kenya are excited and we are almost short of friends to pair them with kindly invite your friend on my behalf.

In this Project Plan attched hereby, I have included a budget for us to knwo why it costs to run the Rafiki project In Kenya. Project Africa is taking care of the cost at this stage but if any of the rafiki want to participate in helping this project be sustained please feel welcomed to give any assistance. Together we make a stronger team

We wil need anothe administrator to assist in coordinating events on as i foresee a big growth in the near future. Anyone who will volunteer I will be more than honoured to share administrative responsibilities with you.

Kindly feel free to make any additions to the project plan. This is our club and we can all participate to make it a success. Feel free to make any sugestions.

I love you all



Rafiki Club Project Plan.doc
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Mama Africa, I can't wait to get paired with my penpal. I will be on look out for friends who might want to participate as well as folks who would be willing to donate $- You are doing such a very great job!



Thank you Laura

True friendship is about being each other's keepers. This adds so much meaning in life. When you know that there are a people who care and love with genuity, it is much more many material things that we scrumble over. It is with great passion that I serve because the humble women i meet in rural villages of Africa have taught me that life is worth a smile. When I go to their homes they seek to find the best food they can serve. My be the cup of tea they offer me gets the last spoonfull of sugar there is in the home. they give their all and I think they deserve the best. I therefore choose to give my best to my mothers, my sisters,my daughters. The women and girls in Africa. Thank you for choosing to share in this vision. Hope you can send us your postal address for a rafiki match.

Mama Africa,

I sent my address a week or so ago- here it is again just in case.

Laura Bolster 3575 SE Tibbetts St. Portland, Or. 97202 USA

Look forward to writing letters~


Dear mamaAfrica,

I am so happy to tell you that I joined the Rafiki Club, I wrote with my information and received an email back saying "Thankk you For writing in and joining the rafiki Club. Sure this is a unique program and I beleive that the good work of faith started in us will be brought to completion.

We have received your address and have sent it to the coordinators who willl be going for rafiki Sessions tomorrow Monday. I will then inform you who your rafiki is. In the mean time Kindly read through this Project Plan and understand how the project runs "

I am so excited and can't wait to start communicating with my rafiki. Thank you.

Blessings, Rose Of Sharon

I really am excited about this! I told the girls it will be very good and they might join in later to talk with younger girls but said right now they are not sure about it. I said pretty soon the younger girls will also want to find rafiki's and I will let them know then.

It is so nice that even though we are so far away and might never have met that I can begin talking with my rafiki and share the beauty of the world together.

thanks for starting this! I am not sure what I can do but would love to help this be a success!


Thank you Maria. My greatest joy will be when you receive a letter some how they are taking too long you know when all of us are so anxious to receive them but they will Come.

You can do alot to make this a success for instance making sure you reply your letters so your rafiki can find something to read. Asking friends to join the Rafiki club, or any other assistance you deem fit. Thank you in advance for helping out. The victory coming ahead is ours well all share in it.