Dear Rafiki

It is evident, Our rafiki Club is growing and extending her boundaries. We have in the last few days had postings about the up coming Rafiki Tour and work Camp as well as the need to have Rafikis being volunteers in the empowerment of women and girls in rural Africa.

Project Africa has attracted several Friends as Rafikis, volunteers/interns and development mentors and partners. For this reason, I have created a new social network to gather all of us so that we can share about issues that will make us be friends with an impact.

On This network we can share on life in the villages of Africa from a volunteer/intern perspective, travel, working on the empowerment projects, the rafiki programs etc

Currently Project Africa has five international volunteers on the ground. I have invited them to be a part of the Friends of Project Africa social network and blog on their life while on the mision field. I believe this will give others who are preparing to travel to Kenya a perspective of how it is on the ground. may be also on security issues, visa travel etc that we can learn from their experiences.

Kindly join


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mamaAfrica, I love this idea. I tried the link but it says that "This network is by invitation only." You will need to send us an invitation so that we can join. I suggest that members who wish to join contact you so that you can invite them individually. I look forward to being a part of this community.

I just joined and the site is wonderful. This is so exciting and I am honoured to be a part of this network. Thank you, mamaAfrica. Nimefurahi.

Hey there,

Not only is the project a great idea, I also love the website! It's so inviting, colorful and friendly. Thanks for telling us about it:)


Dear Kizzie

thank you. I am trying as much as i can to make all friends of Project Africa connect. Thank you for your sweet warm comment. I appreciate alot. I hope you too can join us mamaAfrica