Dear Rafiki

It has been awhile since we posted news on our Rafiki Club journal. I hope that each one of you has had a wonderful vacation. We have continued to receive more wonderful ladies joining the Rafiki Club over the last few weeks. On behalf of all the Rafiki I do welcome each one back and into the club where we share our cultutal diversity even as we get empowered.

The big NEWS however is that, We have finally found professional partners to help us organize The Rafiki tour scheduled for summer 2010. Elevate Destinations have offered to help us Organize this wonderful event that will strengthen the bond between Rafikis and women in rural Kenya.

We propose to have the main activity of 2010 being towards realising the goal to establish a mobile clinic and support Rafiki Araceli's vision for a mobile Clinic in Lungalunga. the 10 day mobile health camp will seek to provide health services to women in lungalunga/ Godo and Perani together with their households. we shall also take a challenge to fundraise towards the construcion of a classroom for the Rafiki and Adult education Program in Godo amongst other ideas.

I would like to know how many members are in favour of a Rafiki Tour to be hosted in 2010. Kindly post a comment here and also any suggestions of activities we would like to undertake while in Kenya.

We propose a 21 or 28 day Rafiki Tour involving 20-30 Rafiki members. We also propose to make this an annual event aimed at building intercultural relations and cooperations for the empowerment of women

Kindly send in your comments to assist us in putting together a guiding plan for the Rafiki Tour 2010

You ca also visit elevate destinations through

Waiting to hear from all you.

I love you all


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My dear Lin, my sister, long time in silence on my part. When I read this post I started crying of happiness. I couldn't be more delighted to hear such terrific news. The goal of establishing the clinic in the summer 2010 is MAGNIFIC. THANK YOU for having faith, for keeping up with the project, for your determination, THANK YOU for everything!!

Getting the news of the Rafiki tour and the mobile clinic has given me life again. This semester I am sooo overwhelmed with classes that I "almost" stopped dreaming for a while, but only for a while. I have more than 500 students at the university, 6 Teaching Assistants to supervise, and two new classes to teach on women's health. It's not easy! Plus all my community activism, my goodness.

Meanwhile, I keep talking to nurses and physicians about the implementation of the clinic. WE WILL DO IT!!

All my love for you dear sister, and for the women of Lungalunga, Godo, and Perani; and especially for Ms. Judy and Ms. Bendettah.


Dear sister Araceli Thank you so much for your quick post. I think the mobile clinic is a great idea. I believe all other Rafikis think so too. I am writing our The Proposal and Plan Rafiki Tour and will be able to share with our our newpartners Elevate Destinations.

I hope we can get volunteers from amongst your students and associates. I am envisioning a great mobile health camp that by women for women: This is the collective power of women filled with unconditional love. A transformation is happening. I am glad you and I and other women of substance are apart of this great works. Love you always


Dear Lin and rafikis

Rafiki Tours sound like a fantastic idea! Would love to participate and spread the word in Denmark. Thanks for the great initiative.

Love, Rikke

Glad to see your news & post....Do you have any ideas for dates?? \i know we have talked about it briefly before, but Valerie and I have discussed coming in July of 2010. We will watch for more news...

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." — John Lennon


Hello! It's been some time. I hope this finds you well. I'm not sure if my letters have gotten to my Rafikis. I have sent three letters with no replies. What do you think?

Let me kow Laura