Rafiki Goes Into Radio

Posted November 14, 2009 from Kenya

Dear Rafiki

It has been a long time since we had postings on The Rafiki Club. I believe that we are al doing fine and we are still enjoying having Rafiki that we can write to and share ideas with.

I am presently in Kenya and have had the chance to travel to both Kakamega and Lungalunga and have met most of the rafiki. They are ever smiling as usual and more and more village women are calling on us to start Rafiki Clubs in their villages.

Rafiki is now becoming a household name. Earlier this week the women in the Rafiki Club in Lungalunga had the pleasure to participate in Radio interview with BBC radio which will feature Project Africa's adult education Program in a women's feature Program in a few days to come.

It was great to listen to Mama Helen Rafiki To Sharon V from Australia read her letter with pride. We shall keep you posted of the day that the program by BBC will be aired.

Keep on writing and reading Rafiki Letters. We are going places and The power oif friendship will take us far.

Love you all


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  • JaniceW
    Nov 15, 2009
    Nov 15, 2009

    This is wonderful for you and I hope that they post it on their site for all of us to listen to. I just wrote two letters last week to Damaris and Jacinta, and look forward to hearing from them again soon. All the best in Kenya and keep us posted on your journey. Big hug, Janice

  • Jade Frank
    Nov 15, 2009
    Nov 15, 2009

    Hi Lin,

    Thank you for this update on the Rafiki Club and the exciting news about Project Africa getting airtime on the BBC! I have been in contact with one of my Rafiki's (Judith Boaz), but the other two I haven't heard from in a long time and wondering if they have received my last two letters. They are Dorcus Simion who is in Lungalunga, and Florence Mboyi who I believe lives in Kakamega. Is there a way to find out how they are and if they have received my letters? Maybe I will try to send more.

    You are doing such amazing work for empowering the rural women of Kenya! Thanks for all that you do.

    Love, Jade

  • Chanti
    Nov 16, 2009
    Nov 16, 2009

    Hello Lin Congratulations! These women who have been invisible for a long time, now have validity and presence! Thanks for your efforts. I finally received a rafiki letter, then two more came from other sisters. I responded to Patricia Nduto and passed the other two onto other wonderful women from my town. Strengthening the circle.

    blessings and love Chanti