Dear Rafiki members

We wish to welcome Rafiki Members who have recently joined the Rafiki club.

Please feel welcomed as You are amongst women and men who have desired to empower women through the Power of a pen by writing and reading letters.

We wish to request each of you who have not yet sent us yopur postal mail address to do so by visiting Fill in the Rafiki Application Form in full ( remember to include your age) so that we can pair you with a woman in our Projects in Kenya

Also remember not to include your addresses in te letters tat you write to your Rafiki. This is because we will already have your address with us. We instist on applying this rule to protect all Rafiki From those who may use the rafiki club for their ill motives.

Kindly note that you are required to report any Rafiki who may ask for money, gifts or other favours . In case you as Rafiki would like to support your Rafiki in Any way make sure that you inform the Founder/Director of Project/Africa or the project leaders by writing to This action will ensure that any gifts in cash or in kind are appreciated and accounted for.

Please remember to post your experiences on our Rafiki Club Journal whenever you receive or send a letter to your Rafiki.

DO NOT forget our Rafiki Tour set for July 2010 is still on. We aim to have rafiki travel to rural village of Lungalunga in Kenya to meet our Rafiki who live in the remote village at the same time to hold a summer health camp and launch a mobile clinic for women and their households. If you have not registered for the Trip, do so before the closing date.

We look forward to sharing you wonderful Rafiki Moments



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I joined this club a couple of months ago in hopes of have a woman to write to. I have not heard anything at all. Please advise.

K-lee Starland 3709

K-lee Starland, Ph.D.

Dear K-lee i hope that you are fine. Thank you very much for asking. I think aletter must be on the way. Let me confirm with the office who your Rafiki Is and when she wrote to you. I will write again with the infomation

Thank you


Hello K-lee

I hope you are fine

Have you received your rafiki letter? Please let me know because our records show that a letter was sent several weeks ago



No. I am so sorry. The letter has not arrived. l called the post office here and checked to make sure it wasn't sitting around somewhere. She said it should have taken no longer that 7 days to two weeks to get here. I lam hoping it will still arrive. I'll let you know when it does.

Thanks for letting me know so I could check on it. K-lee 3709

K-lee Starland, Ph.D.

Well I received a lovely letter from a woman in Nairobi the other day. I had actually forgotten that I had signed up and so couldn't log in! But I have now rejoined and very happy to be here. It was lovely to get my letter and I looked at the photos that MamaAfrica posted of the Nairobi Rafiki and imagined that my new friend might be amongst them. Even if she wasn't it was nice imagining what it was like as she wrote to me. I am off now to write back!

Love and light

Jo x