Celebrate the International Women's Day in Style, Support The Rafiki Club

Posted March 3, 2010 from Kenya

Dear Rafiki

It is yet another week that has seen many more Rafiki joining the Rafiki Club here on pulsewire and even in Kenya. I hope that you are all enjoying the movement of power and intercultural identity the Rafiki Club brings to us all.

I am personally honoured to be a part of this initiate that has seen women from USA, to Canada, to Sweden, Switzerland, Australia,India, Portugal and other parts of the world celebrate diversity with women in Kenya. The Rafiki program is almost one year old and is proud to recruits hundreds of women.

As we prepare to celebrate this year's international women's day, I urge you all our dear Rafiki to consider giving support to the Rafiki Club. We are grateful to members who have sent in donations in cash and kind, Thrugh your support given in 2009 we were able to print out Rafiki, envelops, Rafiki Club letters and other materials needed in running the Rafiki club in Kenya. Thanks a million for your kind support.

We are coming to you again requesting that you stand with us with your financial support so that we can print more materials for the Rafiki Club as well as be able to meet the costs of running the clubs in Kenya. Currently, Project Africa has established The Rafiki Club in Kakamega, Lungalunga, Godo, Perani, Mumias and Kaloleni in Nairobi. Plans are underway to establish the clubs in Mitaboni in machakos district.

May be you are wondering what we can do to help? I challenge each one of us consider this. If 300 of us commit to give only 25 USD , we are able to cater for the costs of running rafiki club for the 2010 Period.

Buy internet for a whole month for one Rafiki club centre Buy 100 Rafiki Letter heads Buy 100 envelops Pay for 7 field trips pay rent for one centre per month

I urge you Rafiki celebrate your internation women's day by giving support to this initiative that has bond us with cords of unconditional love. A sister hood that cannot be broken because we share our diversities in simplicity and continue to empower each other, with literacy, friendship, platforms for networking and much more.

Please Donate To the Rafiki Club 25 USD by going to www.projectforafrica.org and clicking on the donate button. This will facilitate for your donations to be received through our Paypal account.

Thank you evevryone for your continued support


Lin Wafula Founder/Director Project Africa

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