Malayapinas is a social worker and a women rights activist in the Phillipines. She has been working in the non governmental sector for over two decades and has been instrumental in fighting for the rights of women and children. Her work in advocacy entails lobbying for amendments in government policies to ensure that such policies provide women and children with the resources and opportunities for wellbeing.

Malayapinas believes that women are active partners in nation building and that their contribution have an impact in the overall well being of society whether it be in bringing forth strong family units or in the political leadership arena, in business or other social platforms.

The 47 year old mother of two, holds dear loyalty for one's country and service for the poor in the community as key moral values to stand by. She gladly embraces these values which she emulated from her father as he served as a former trade unionist in the philippines. She says "I uphold the value of service to the nation, to the poor and to the women and children of the Philippines with love and aim to seek social justice."

After a busy day at work, indeed these values are evident in Malayapinas life as she patiently and with so much love attends to her family. "It is challenging to be both a career woman and mother but with love it is fulfilling”, She says. As she multi tasks to make ends meet, her character can be described as that of a worrior with a brave heart.

Malayapinas reveals that because of her love for children, her goal is to start a pre-school where she can offer baby sitting services to career women like herself who have no home assistants. Over the years, she has learnt from experience how to influence positive child development. In her free time, she likes to watch children films and read books on child development, and hopes that with the lessons learnt, her service will strengthen women to pursue their dreams without worrying about who will care for their children.

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MamaAfrica, at first I was not sure who Hope was but now realize it is our dear member from the Philippines. You have created a touching portrait of her, not only as a strong advocate for women and but as a loving and devoted mother who has used her experiences to better the lives of mothers around her. Her warmth and love come through so strongly, and I so enjoyed reading this intimate portrait of her.

I look forward to reading your interview with a community activist. Best wishes, Janice

Thank you Janice for the regards for your support to all of us. I will do my best to send in my interview with community activist thanks



I am happy that you could finally get Hope's interview. You sounded so upset yesterday but see, the wait was worth it...

Love Khushbu

Khushbu Agrawal

Hello Khushbu

Thanks, I was not upset but just frustrated because time was running out and was not sure if it would be posssible but am glad we had a wonderful interview time. thanks for your concern