As I prepare for my first interview with an activist from my community, I have chosen to focus on my vision of being an ambassador for my continent, my people and of course the women and girls in Africa. It is evident that the image of Africa presented to the world by the media is that of a dark continent, with bloody mess and a dying people. However, little is known of the beautiful people and the riches that the continent bestows.

Beauty Behind the Black Bloody veil is about undoing the dying image of Africa. I aim to reveal to the world women who are rebuilding Africa from the ruins at the grassroot level, to nation and international arena.

One such woman is Ms Ory Okolloh, whom I first got to know about through Ms Okolloh made a presentation dubbed 'The making of an African Activist' where she amongst other issues shared her vision to ensure that African daughters (and sons) get a chance to rise up the ladder of success in education, business, politics, health and other social statutes without having to leave Africa for the West.

Ms. Ory Okolloh is a lawyer, a political activist and a blogger. She is the co-founder of Mzalendo a website that tracks the performance of Kenyan Members of Parliament, and the co-founder of Ushahidi, a website that grew out of the political crisis in Kenya and that maps both incidents of violence and peace efforts. Currently, she works as a legal consultant in Johannesburg for several NGOs and manages her various activism efforts.

She likes to blog on issues that build Africa and the fact that Africans have the right to creating Africa's own content, telling Africa's own stories, and reflecting the diversity of Africa. Her blogs are an outlet for her opinions, and commentary that is why I am interested to get her views on how to effectively advocate for empowerment of African women using social media networking. Secondly, how African women especially those in the Diaspora can actively participate in discourses that make Africa better.

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mamaAfrica, firstly I want to thank you for introducing me to Ms. Ory Okolloh. I am a huge fan of so the fact that she was a guest speaker immediately told me that she was someone special. It is wonderful that you have chosen a woman who focusses on presenting the richness and positive side of the African continent. I just loved how she asked that people take an interest in the individual as they have a lot of people behind them. This is so true where family means so much more than just your parents and siblings.

So, I am excited about your choice and can't wait to read your interview. Bahati njema...

Hi Janice

Thanks you for your best wishes. I too think that Ory is a fine voice of Africa to reckon with in this time and age. Her presentation on is timely and her work as an activist is admirable. I hope that I can potray the best of her so we can all emulate her.

Hej maria

I wil do my best to make sure that I deliver the message across and show the beauty underneath the messy cloud that covers Africa. Your audience and readership is a big blessing

thank you


You are smack in the middle of vitality and an embracing of your people- the story told by its greatest, strongest members. Not someone else's story, but the one that beats inside the minds and bodies of those who live it. I'll be looking for your post about Ory Okolloh.

Cheers to you and the power of Africa's women!


Dear Laura,

thank you. i have noticed that if Africa cannot tell her own stories, we will have only but ourselves to blame. I hope I can add flavour to the works of beautiful women like Ory. I am also looking forward to my interview with her. It was so kind of to gladly accept my request.