About Me: I am an enthusiast of the spoken and written word in all its myriad of media now available. In pursuit of this passion, I have in addition to my degree in Law, acquired a masters degree in Media and Communications in order to round out my theoretical knowledge of messages and the meanings derivable from them.

I am also a recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetic and have had to learn to live a whole new lifestyle. In my journey to re-invent myself, I discovered that among my circle of friends, very few knew the risks we run as women; especially in Nigeria with our typically high carbohydrate foods and many do not take the time to watch our diets or exercise. The situation I realized was even more dire after speaking with my endocrinologist and he told me that the number of those aware of their status as regards diabetes in Lagos, was more than those who are totally unaware of the risks they stand in the entire country.

This situation in conjunction with the fact that a simple 30-second blood sugar test is not performed as of course on admission in hospitals in Nigeria (my diabetes was nearly missed because of this at the first hospital i was admitted into) and the fact the there is no awareness about this non-communicable but debilitating disease on a national level made me come to the conclusion that I had to use my training and experience to create a movement of women fighting to stay alive and to stop the trend of future diagnosis and to make people in general demand that the simple blood sugar test be part of the vital tests conducted on walking into every hospital in Nigeria.

This has become the core of my being and the essence of who I am now and who I intend to continue to be. A training such as this would equip me begin my awareness campaign to begin a movement to draw attention this disease.

My Passions: Reading, Cooking and Travel.

My Vision for the Future: To create a new era of awareness about diabetes.

My Areas of Expertise: Law and Media

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