Introducing myself and my journal: Djigéen history

Mrs Ndiaye
Posted February 6, 2009 from Senegal

About Me: I am Mame Fatou Ndiaye. I was born in 1977 in Ziguinchor, (Casamance) southern Senegal and I used to work for women and children in my community by promoting their best actions and by making films on their daily lives. In 1999 I got a certificate in computer science after a 2 year-training. In November 1999 I got married . Now, I have 2 lovely boys. In 2005 I got an attestation in audiovisual and social communication after 9 months training. After that, with 3 other people, we created a small entreprise called TEXCOM and started producing documentaries. In 2007, I won the 1st prize in the My Hero film festival for the Community Category with a film entitled "Malaria Queen". To watch "Malaria Queen", go to www.myhero .com

My Passions: TV production, making videos on issues related to women

My Challenges: Create a web site for only women needs

My Vision for the Future: Give more power to women in the world in order to give to humanity the oportunity to live in a better environment

My Areas of Expertise: communication and video production

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  • Jennifer Ruwart
    Feb 06, 2009
    Feb 06, 2009


    It is late in the US, but I promise to watch your film this weekend. I am thrilled that you found PulseWire.... reading your challenges and passions makes me think we've been waiting for you! I hope to get to know you better here.

    In sisterhood, Jennifer