Dear World Pulse,

I am Manizha from Afghanistan us you know in our country life for educated women like me is hard, In a profusion I am a civil engineer and assistant professor at Balkh university, i love my profession even it is hard for women here to work with mans in society specially we don't have a women like me witch is working in field of construction with men, so when i got married my husband not allow me to go to work and about 6 years i was not worked, i have 2 cute boys Ferdaws 6 years and Frhan 2 years about a year ago my husband toke all my account bank and divorced me against my well , according to Islamic low he wants to take my sons as well but i don't want to give my sons because of his future and i have delivered my sons by operation section.the most thing that he put on pressure is my opinion and my believe that i cant talk about that now , my and my sons live in danger i found your organization through bye face book wen i was search for rescue my live any way i need you help please please please i am a human being and in our country no one support the women s specially Islamic law . Regards Manizha

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Dear Manizha,

I am sad to hear about your challenges. I know that children in Afghanistan usually go to their father when a couple gets divorced. Is it possible that you can be helped by the Women's Rights Commission in Balkh or the Independent Human Rights Commission? I know there is a women's shelter in Mazar-e-Sharif. It is run by Women for Afghan Women. You may not need a shelter, but they may have people who can counsel you about your rights and options.

There may also be people at the Afghan Women's Network who can help you.

Manizha, you will be in my prayers. I hope you will find your happiness and that Ferdaws and Frhan can stay in your life forever. Stay strong. Baland tareen koh sar-e khod rah darad. Khuda hafiz!


Dear Amena thank you for your kind comment if you know some person here in Mazar i want have a contact with him and solve my problems thanks in advance

I don't have a specific person for you to contact. I'm sorry. Please try to contact the agencies at those links I gave you. Ask if they can help or if they can give you the names of people or agencies who can help.