Hi ladies,

As I was gathering my thoughts to respond to the question raised by Cristi, I thought it would be good to share with all of you the last words of a newspaper Editor in Sri Lanka who was brutally gunned down in January this year.

He answers, quite poignantly, the question that Cristi asks all of us.

Read his last words, written well in advance of his death: http://www.thesundayleader.lk/20090111/editorial-.htm


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Thank you Manori,

there is no other better way to put it across than this bold journalist did. May His Soul Rest in Peace knowing that Others will fight on this fight of faith.

I was touched mostly by one stance "But there is a calling that is yet above high office, fame, lucre and security. It is the call of conscience". I agree with him because a man's conscience is his greatest judge.

I know that being the enemy of the state/ the elite/ those in any kind of power using their position to oppress the poor and marginalize the inferior lot has also the other side of the coin that is being a friend of the masses. Who is a friend? A friend is one who lays down his life for the oppressed. As I read this piece, I asked myself If have laid down my life for oppressed. I hope I have if not I should.

Thank you for posting this article. It is great mirror to reflect our opinion of what we are soon going to partake as Citizen journalists.



And every word he's written there is true too. He was a colleague, and someone who was always pushing the rest of us not to accept the status quo. I cant believe he's gone.

I'm glad his words inspired you. We need to keep writing from our conscience!


But now, after reading your article, I CAN'T. Internally I knew this all along, but I tried not to show it off. This is the hard truth that all of us can - and will - confront if we do what our heart says it's right.

I just pray to my Heavenly Father that all of us will find a way to say the truth, stand for our beliefs, and not be killed in the intent. Or lose our families.

"With the love of God in the point of my tongue, with His spirit in the point of my fingers when I write, with a clear conscience when I demand justice, that is how I promise to lead my work as a citizen journalist every day, for the rest of my life"

  • My Citizen Journalist Promise, written by me today, Saturday June 6th, 2009 at 7:25 hours of a cold morning, with the sun timidly beginning to shine in my beautiful Tarija.

I know - and I wish - all of us are beginning to make a promise to ourselves on this matter. Let us hope we can all be faithful to it.

Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva Tarija - Bolivia South America www.jap21.wordpress.com

After reading the article from Manori, I am speechless. I don't have words to say anything. I don't know what happened to the world's powerful leader. They forget to speak the truth and when we try to point out their mistake we have to be the victims.

I too pray to find a secure path to talk about the truth. Lets pray together so that god will be also forced to provide secure path to us. I wanted to convey my condolence to all the journalist who have lost their lives after speaking the truth through world pulse. May god gives them their soul rest in peace.

I also promise today, Saturday June 06 at 9.07 pm I will be faithful in my work. Hugs Cheer up

With Love and RegardsSunita Basnet