In my community land is a great environmental factor that contains all the mankind activities.

Land simply means a source of livelihood in the farm of agriculture production and breedily home for our livestock.This leads us in the planning and protecting our land of plenty by doing the following:

  • Planting trees around the farm edges.
  • Constructing the gabbion to prevent more of gulley erosion.
  • Planting cover crops such as sweet potatoes,pumpkins to protect the soil from simple agents of soil erosion

Lacking new modern agricultural produce little amount of rainfall due to the global warming in the ecosystems also give women challenge on the early preparations on our land.

In tradition land is believed to be factor for prestige and places where we build our homestead and promote our culture and heritage.African traditional heritage honour land because on it grows herbs,trees,grass and stones used for medicines and cultural practices.At times we used to pray near rivers and mountains to appease the dead.The land is the pivot around which the entire life our people rotate.

NB: Photo will follow later.Rewritten; The former returned for wrong address.