We had the ash delay stuff for 3 days so I eagerly checked mail the other day and it was there! I am so happy! Thank you MamaAfrica for creating this for us, it is nice!

I kind of scanned it badly but was too excited I guess: http://s208.photobucket.com/albums/bb122/MariaMorrowind/?action=view&cur...

I did it as a link for those with slow connections.


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Hi Maria

Oh my thank, you for the scanned copy of your rafiki letter We are grateful that you got your letter from mama Phelistus. She is a woman of substance leading others in the Rafiki Club in mumias where the number has now grown to 27 ( last week's attendance). I am sure that your corespondence will be empowering. Keep expecting more.

Regards MamaAfrica

I felt bad since it took a few days to get to the post office to get mine mailed. But, yeah, it is on it's way! Thanks again for this chance to meet and write to these woman!

I already wrote a new one to her, I was that eager to ask about her country. I decided to wait a few days then send it off so they wont arrive with my first one.


I checked mails the other day and found 2 letters in it! I am thrilled! These are 2 woman from Mombasa and I will try to get them scanned in later today if you still want us to. Exciting and I am writing back today and it is very nice to meet young woman from there! I think they are 19 and 22, one my oldest daughter's age and the other just a bit older so it will be nice to learn their views on everything!

thanks again for creating this group!