I think we need a thread where we can list the tips and tricks we learned along the way to help others. So post your ideas and suggestions here!

Copy/pasting One thing I noticed is when people save their drafts using something like Notepad instead of Wordpad that when it gets pasted it loses the formatting you had. I think most computers have Wordpad as well and the difference is it saves your formatting, things like line spaces, so when it is copy/pasted it looks like what you wrote.

White Space Another thing is the use of "white space" to give a more pleasing look to it. Make sure each paragraph has a blank space between them since it helps the reader flow from one idea to the next. When starting with a new idea make it have it's own paragraph to give the reader a chance to stop and think about what you just wrote.

Spell Check vs. Proofreading yourself Another thing I sometimes forget to do is proofread it after I use the spellcheck. It wont catch things like using "wood" instead of "would" or things like that so it is important to proof your work yourself. It is one of the reasons I re-read my previous journal entries to see how often I make those types of mistakes so I can remember to look for them.


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Thanks Maria for pointing out such helpful information. You know we sometimes tend to forget simple things that will otherwise make our life easier in this world of computers. Or we simply overlook them yet they could make a lot of difference.. Thanks for opening the floor for this especially now that we are in a 'classroom'.


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