4th one!

Maria de Chirikof
Posted May 12, 2009 from United States

Wow, I have been hoping to hear back from the 3 Rafiki I have and was so excited to see the brown envelope in my mailbox. It was a new one, so exciting and I will try to get it scanned later. I am touched to be writing to them! I hope my letters have arrived alright!



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  • LauraB
    May 13, 2009
    May 13, 2009


    It's like a Rafiki wild fire. I think Mama Africa's Rafiki Group has so much kindness and caring. I continue to see how powerful and simple this writing is. Connecting with meaning. I teach English to immigrants in the States- Hmm, maybe I should get my students writing to a pen pal too.

    All this enthusiasm is getting me thinking!



  • Maria de Chirikof
    May 15, 2009
    May 15, 2009

    I bet they would really enjoy it! I think with the internet that a whole generation is missing out on the simple and exquisite joy of writing and receiving letters. My girls are hesitant to do it since they are a bit shy and not sure they would be very interesting to someone else. They might do it sometime though but are used to online too much and instant chats and forums.

    I hope you do try it and see if there is interest since connections like that can be so fascinating to make! I can remember as a child and through Big Boy, some food chain, that had a kids pen pal page and I had a pen pal. It was exciting. I think that same feeling is true when you are an adult and it is your first time, too.