Bitter Aftertaste

Dreaming takes me there
where the Goddess dances free
leaving the nightmares

To dance on and on
becoming one with my soul
beauty resides here

slowly it happens
I begin to miss the beat
tripping and falling

down to rest my head
once more on my pillow soft
awakening me

My souls on fire
passions dared to dream at night
fade in the cruel dawn

nothing left to me
but the bitter aftertaste
and no mouthwash here

where the people are
wake my goddess wake us now
forget these nightmares

when I wake you sleep
too much pasta late at night
my days burn my heart

until I dream you
and can leave this world and no
bitter aftertaste

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I so wanted to create an "Ode to a Japanese Goddess" and tried to write my feelings in the form of a series of haiku's but feel I fell way short of my mark. It is one I hope to work on sometime later and make it more elegant so each haiku can stand on it's own like they should... It takes thoughts and feelings from my journals and tries to express them in a new way to go along with the ideas I wrote in another one called 'gilded cages' where I wanted to write one expressing the 'bars of rage' and freedom and hope but it became this once I began writing it...