I forgot to ask her the other day if she has a new picture so am waiting on that before posting it but wanted to make sure everyone knew we are working on them together! I also just sent her my new pic which she had been waiting for too... I really enjoyed it and learning more about her and so wish I could figure out a way to make it sound as lyrical as I picture her voice to be!

It might sound minute but what I have actually discovered about myself is my ability to use words and choice of diction to suit my audience when I interpret sexual violence in local dialect” Olutosin says in response to her unique gift she offers. Her first idea to help those less fortunate then herself was to become a lawyer but her gift with recitation and writing ended up with her in the English department instead. She is very glad of that for many reasons, perhaps the most is meeting and marrying her school heartthrob and having 2 daughters with him. But learning she can wield her pen to craft words as beautiful as her spoken ones, she feels confident of her abilities to help reach the woman and girls who need her help most of all.

Her goal is to extend the NGO’s so they reach into more rural areas where the need is as great as in Lagos where she currently lives. In her own words Olutosin states “I believe in this approaching change!” She would love for the woman and girls of Nigeria to meet Jensine Larsen, our own Oracle who inspires us all. She found Pulsewire to be a place where she sees herself reflected in woman from many races and it gives her the quiet confidence to know that the beauty of her soul is reflected in the beauty of her words.

I will be posting it in my journal later on today so calling this the rough draft so everyone knows I will put it into my journal soon.


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I am eager to see the final dfraft with the picture! I am curious about the NGO's. Is it all NGO's or the one she works with? Are they focused on women's empowerment or any social issue?

Great job! I love the title, but am wondering about adding a few words so the reader knows it is about a woman, something like, The Quiet Confidence of Olutosin.

Jennifer Ruwart Chief Collaborator JR Collaborations

I have her list but was worried about word count so left them out but can add them in easily enough if it would make it better!

I thought the title would intrigue enough that it would be opened to see what had quiet confidence.... I almost went with Quiet Heat instead since she also describes herself as 'quiet but HOT' so might go for that instead when I see if she chose a new pic to add and if it speaks more of Hot or Confident...

She is a wonderful woman and I enjoyed getting to know her better!


I love this title as it speaks to a strength that does not need to be forthright and domineering but is a powerful undercurrent that empowers all that Olutosin does. It makes her even more beautiful to me and speaks to her spirit which I feel you captured wonderfully. My only question would be how she uses words to further her goals. Does she write narratives about the women, report on their condition, use poetic prose, etc..?

It is so heartwarming to read these glimpses into the lives of our sisters and I look forward to reading your interview of a community activist. Best wishes, Janice