Dr, Edonna asked me which I feel most in my life and I thought it was such an interesting question that we should see what others say about it too.

For myself, I think it is hard to separate it in my mind where I can know for sure whether it was because I was Indigenous or a female. I wrote in my journal of being born with a closeness to nature that was untaught by anyone, it just was. Where I could hear and feel Nature and how I think that is because I am Aleut ( VOF Week 4: Divinely Aleut ). What I didn't mention in that journal was where a lot of the abuse stemmed from because during that time was when they were still trying to wipe out our culture, especially is the children. I think I was lucky in that I had no idea back when I was little that woman are supposed to be virgins to be considered "Pure" so the sexual abuse never had the desired effect. I can remember many white men but really do not want to talk about that, ever really. Let their evil die in our hearts and minds and let us instead look forward is how I see it for to be strong we must not carry evil with us.

My mom had always taught me not to hate, to be good, to be strong, to believe in the power of my heart and mind, and that to be happy was my greatest strength of all. I think that is probably why I do not fit the usual profile of an emotionally abused woman and I bet many other native woman do not either, it would be interesting to see if this is true. So growing up it was definately because of being Indigenous but later on it gets a bit complicated I think. Where being both Indigenous and a woman was like a double whammy kind of thing. But it also had the boomerang effect where there were many programs created for us during this time too. So, I think for Alaskans living in Anchorage it is a bit different then ones living elsewhere and might not compare equally.

I would love to hear other woman's stories and see how mine does compare!


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Thanks Maria, for commenting on the suggested topic. I would have to say that for me, it is the place that has affected me more, environmental effects of the people. When I lived in North America, in the states not Canada, then it was definately race, it played a predominate role in my identity, specifically in my social environment while obtaining my college education, but in my home up until 18 it was sexism.

Being back in Africa, it is definitely sexism, and boy is it ugly, prevalent and acceptable, again, environmentally sensitive, depending on which country one lives in. It is so much more obvious and affects the depth of me. The control issues that the men have are astounding!!!!

I am being so affected by it now, that it is difficult for me to communicate about it because I don't have enough prospective on it at the moment, so for the sake of not dealing with it on an emotional healing level, I want to intellectualize it to avoid the pint up rage that I feel. Maybe as I hear others share openly on this topic I too, will feel comfortable sharing heartically.

Thanks for responding this topic. I'd like to share more with you on a personal email level if that is possible.

If you have the list Jeniffer sent out my email is on there too or you can send me a private message now too by choosing "inbox" on your profile page when you sign in then for sender just copy my user name on here.

I have seen so many posts about it from African woman so know it is very widely spread there. I think I posted on a few that to start changing it we need to show them why this behavior is encouraged and that others know that the woman and children are the strength of the tribe so can demoralize and weaken a whole tribe just by encouraging this behavior and not having to do it themselves...so they can be seen to be the good leader you need, that sort of thing I believe goes on too much.

I believe we will change this though by making this idea more widely known and the 'how and why' it is happening.

Dealing with rage should be another topic! The anger at how unfair something is can really cripple you and not much is said about how to do deal with it really. But I believe our group of Correspondents is committed to correcting this and know we can find solutions that work! I think taking an idea and adapting it to your own culture is the key, really. Like in Alaska there are just over 200 "federally recognized tribes" but many see the world differently so there is no 'one size fits all' that will work, it needs to be adapted to make sense to them instead of what makes sense to me living in the big city.

hugs and know this too shall pass