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Maria de Chirikof
Posted June 26, 2009 from United States

In reading this part here: Tell us about your activist's experiences. What was the problem, or what wasn't working in her community? How did she make changes? What have been the results? Does she have ideas for furthering her successes? This statement is what will bring together a new network of people! I wonder how to go about it...

There was one idea that she really thinks will have a big impact and be a real solution and I wonder how much of it I put down for that. It is "Adult Re-Entry" that I mentioned briefly in the interview since I had planned on it being the sharing solution portion. How in depth do we need to go or can we just tell about it and why we love it?

The other idea is one I loved called "The Ribbon and the Feather" that I will take out of my interview and use as a sidebar one too.

Should each one be separate or since they both come from the same interview do I do them in one post?


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  • Jennifer Ruwart
    Jun 28, 2009
    Jun 28, 2009

    Well darn it, Jonah just woke up. So quickly, why not both as separate entries? Another idea: do you think she would join our community and share her own solution? Especially the adult re-entry?

    Off to see my waking angel.