Olutosin and I decided to go ahead and create a group so everyone can get started while we work on designing our pamphlets still.

It is for woman to support each other by creating a web page anyone with internet can see and pamphlets that can be printed and passed out to more rural woman. We both believe that a woman needs to discover she is not alone and to do this we are creating the web page where we can share about our own struggles and how we overcame them.

Healing is important and to help teach that this kind of thing can become preventable once it begins to be talked about openly. While it is everyone's secret shame it has the power to spread and we want to change that.

We believe it is very hard to begin talking about such things and as I have done in my journals where I share about what I went through, we plan to create a site dedicated to this. Or maybe if the group becomes popular enough w can just guide everyone there to share and support each other...

We are both open to all suggestions and ideas! On here it was talked about how we are creating that feel of "sister friends" and weaving a bond of friendship that can be felt globally and this group was named to honor that idea. http://www.worldpulse.com/pulsewire/groups/11204

We are still working on figuring out word count for the pamphlet ideas since a lot I have seen have less word count then we are used to doing in our journals (or me anyway...) but any ideas and suggestions are welcome! We will also be hoping to translate them into several languages for the web page so if you know anyone who knows several languages tell them about this group!

Maria & Olutosin

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How do I add Olutosin to the administrator of the group? I didn't see a thing when I was creating it... Not sure who else wishes to be an administrator, you can check with Olutosin if you want to do it...


Hey girls,

this is an amazing idea!! i am so in if you need me. its a great opportunity to reach out to people in the rural areas. It sounds like fun....

I hope you will include pictures and other graphics. One picture can speak 1000 words...

Go girls!!


Stella Ndugire- Mbugua ICS- Africa