The Happy Dance

Maria de Chirikof
Posted March 7, 2009 from United States

My daughters say that when I am really happy I do this little dance. I guess sometimes life seems too good to be true and I feel overjoyed about it. The girls were asking me today why I seemed so happy and said that they think it is great that I am writing again. It is what makes me happy. One of the things anyway.

I have the ideas in my head but the words wont seem to come when I want to write them then all of a sudden it all flows together and the words need to written down. I just wonder why this inspiration always comes so late at night?!

I think we often do not take the time to do the things that give us joy and happiness. Sometimes it could be because this feeling happens at a time that is inconvenient and you have to make a choice: do this or do what you need to get done. I think this usually happens with our artistic pursuits and we have to prioritize our lives so put this off until another day.

Some are very lucky and their art is also their work but for the rest of us I think we do need to decide that once in a while we will put our art first. When I was smiling to myself earlier today and the girls noticed I was thinking of a sort of dream I had a long while ago where I was dancing with a Japanese Goddess and trying to figure out how to put that into a story here. I don't know her name or how we connected except that I had read somewhere that day that there is a Japanese Goddess who has her front tooth missing. Mine is also so I thought it would be great to meet her since we had this in common at least and it would be a lot of fun to meet a Goddess. Somehow in my dreams I was in this place and I felt a thought that asked me what I wanted to do. I loved the feeling in this place so said I wanted to dance. I felt a sort of smile and she sort of floated down and beckoned me over and we danced. While we did not move we sort of floated up somewhere else for a bit and just danced. It was a beautiful dream.

When I came on earlier I planned on writing some other things but just felt wrong about it. So I let the girls have their turn on the computer and thought about stuff. This dream kept popping into my mind and making me smile. I love that thought that even in my dreams when I am very happy I dance. I wonder if I began doing this happy dance that the girls noticed after this dream, that sort of "which came first the chicken or the egg" ideas that you can chase around your head to help get it clear for your 'real thoughts' to come forward.

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  • aliĝngix
    Apr 24, 2009
    Apr 24, 2009

    Geez, you are bursting with enthusiasm in this piece. That's nice to someone so energetic about writing. Well, dreams are just the messages your subconscious tries to tell you, right? I am truly glad you are so happy. So keep dancing! I'll be Mamba-ing behind, in a continual Happy Dance...