I sometimes feel very worried that Americans will want to go back to the false economic models even though they can now see how much damage they have done.

It makes me think of finding that perfect fixer-upper that a lot of Americans dream of finding in a good neighborhood. It will take a lot of money at first to fix the foundation but if we do it correctly it only needs to be done just that once. I mean, yes, we could spend that same money on painting the house and on landscaping it so others will think the inside is just as good but it is not money wisely spent. We will still need to fix the foundation and support for the house and it makes much more sense to do that first so we know we can build upon it without worry.

I guess I do need to have faith in other Americans that they also see this and want real change. It just seems a lot of articles hope to cause panic in you that making these needed changes is money wasted instead of the other way around. It helps to remember that the only ones who benefited from the old system were arms dealers and war profiteers and not Americans in general and they now realize this. I was reading how Obama's deficit might be much more the Bush administrations but we need to keep in mind what we are doing with it.

Just as it takes time and money to renovate a fixer-upper the effort will be reflected in what the house is worth afterward. It might seem like it is costing a lot of money but it is money well spent. I do feel relief that so many people look closely at it and offer suggestions since we can maybe put off a few of the changes until later and concentrate on what needs to be done first.

I forget what book it was in, it was a mystery though about the worlds fair, and it talked of how a landscaper planning the NYC big park, I forget what it is called but something like Grand Park maybe? But it said that he had to fight with people about a lot of it since a lot of his design would not be realized for maybe 10-15 years when the trees and such grew to maturity. It is hard to trust a vision of what will be when we trust what is right in front of us more then anything else. But having faith in America and in Obama's vision will bring about the real changes we want even if we can't picture it right now and it seems like it is money wasted.

It is an amazing time in America since I doubt anyone would have believed it was possible even a few years ago that a 'minority' could become president. I hope that the next president is a female but would rather someone who understands how we want change and something real instead of false things like before.

I had to rewrite this a couple of times so it makes sense since I think I tend to ramble and over explain things when trying to talk about it since I so want 'real' in my government instead of 'reality tv -esque' stuff!


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I really hate seeing all the Republicans trying to pretend it was the new administration that caused all of this mess. It was their greed and willingness to harm every other American that has led us here to this big mess. They do not want to accept responsibility for it and hope to fool others into believing their lies. What scares me is I do fear a lot of Americans want to go back to pretending nothing is wrong instead of having to do the work needed to correct all of this.

We really need to send a clear message that this is not the case for most Americans. We really need to emphasis that as a country we fought a civil war against this and won. We did the next battle in the recent elections and won. What makes them think they can still carry on though? It is because we are not vocal enough about wanting things to be real.

We really need to express very loudly that they are not fooling anyone. That we are very tired of their self-serving attitude until we force them to act properly. I see it here in Alaska especially where our governor cares more for her self and her own political future then Alaskans. She recently had to reverse her stance about the Stimulus money when people pointed out other that we are tired of her furthering her campaign ambitions over Alaskans. She tries to pretend that is not what happened at all. It is probably the same all over the country. As soon as we are vocal about it they quickly change their stances but we really need to send the message that we will elect only those who are willing to put the people of America first.

It is sometimes hard to feel much faith in my country and that is a scary thought! But we have to remember that they are desperate and not fooling most Americans, so continue to speak our minds and bring about real change.


I, too, believe, we need to band together and help each other see what is real, and what is false. Times are changing, that I believe. People are very angry, to say the least. Perhaps bad people will come to their senses, because peole are going to want change for the better. This will eventually happen, like a true democracy: By law or via French Revolution. P.S. Don't worry, your post sounds just fine. Very coherent.