The Tattoo Adventure

Maria de Chirikof
Posted April 4, 2009 from United States

When I was young I really wanted a tattoo but my mom was against that idea. I can understand that since I think I was about 8 when I had this fierce desire to get one. I am not sure what happened when I hit my teenage years since I was too afraid to go get one even though I still wanted one. It is something I always regretted, that I did not have the nerve even when I hit my 20's.

Back when I was a kid the temporary tattoos where out of a cereal box or Cracker Jacks but times change and my daughters always wanted them from the stores. We even did Henna ones on us one day to celebrate our Freedom and Happiness with the Divorce. I believe in free expression within limits and we talked about them getting real ones a lot when they were just about the age I was when I first wanted one so desperately. I said it is a permanent thing and not to be taken lightly. I said it is culturally correct but the kind the pictures shown of Aleut woman remind me more of those blue-ish ones made with what I think is called "woad". I said if they wanted piercings I would allow that since that is also culturally correct. I said when the oldest turned 18 we would go together and do them.

We talked about it off and on over the years as they tried to figure out what and where exactly. The one whose name means "Butterfly" in English wanted a butterfly on her shoulder. The youngest and the twin of the one who wanted the butterfly one both wanted almost the same one. They wanted an angel wing on one shoulder and a devil wing on the other. Over the years and knowing money would be tight and they could only get 1 each right then they opted for the youngest getting an angel and the other getting the devil and when they could afford one on their own they would get the matching one. The oldest has an idea but it would go on her hand (ouch!) so is trying to think of a different one. She finally decided to get a small version of it on her shoulder instead of her hand.

So, I was working crazy hours trying to get us enough money to afford these tattoos and finally got ahead enough we could go. We went to the tattoo parlor and said we could just talk and discuss it with them this time and get it the next day. We walked in all buzzing with excitement and the first thing the lady said is 'Are any of you over 18?" I assured her that was not a problem and I was their mother, all of their mothers. She said it did not matter and a state law passed said no one under 18, even with a parent, could get a tattoo. Period.

Thus ended our big tattoo adventure.

But the anger remains.

How dare the government think they can tell me, their mother, what I can and can not do with them! I mean, it is not like they drink or do drugs or even run wild, my daughters are good girls by nature because they choose to be. I am not sure who, when or why this was passed but plan on sending emails to all of my political people to protest and demand they change it. The part above the stars is what I plan on starting my email with and sending it to each on that site listing our congress.

Here is where I wonder though, how does this part sound?????????? It is how I plan to end it...

I know why this was done, it was setting the precedent for taking away more and more of our rights as individuals. No one would think it was a big deal, it is just tattoos but it is an extremely big deal since it is the first step to trying to take away all of our constitutional rights. That is why I ask you to work to get this overturned. No one has the right to tell me about raising my own daughters when it is something legal and culturally correct (I am Aleut) like this. Please be a leader and work to overturn this and expose those who would rob us of our constitutional rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Your thoughts and maybe a way to "fix it up a bit" if you think it needs it.



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  • Claudia Ashah
    Apr 05, 2009
    Apr 05, 2009

    that's a heart felt story......i totally feel you and the way the government thinks it has a right to run peoples' lives. i live in Kenya and we have seen it all; the government has taken away most of our rights and they still make sure they squeeze every penny out of us; they get richer and more richer while the commoner gets poorer and poorer. At least they can get the tattoos when they turn 18.....dont let the system get to you!

  • Sunny_sunshine_cloudy_Mina
    Apr 23, 2009
    Apr 23, 2009

    Hmm... Maybe I am just naive but if a rule is in place its there for a reason? It makes sense for me to wait for the tattoo because what if you regret it? Hmm..... Um....Then again not all the rules are nice huh? Are they really taking our rights from us one by one? I want to believe that there are good people out there no matter what race, class, nationality, color they are.

    I don't see color or lines on a map but only different ideas. Any way about the tattoo, I like them but I think the waiting is a good idea... Hmm... Am I wrong and ignorant...? Or Foolish or naive? Any way, You ROCK!

    You Lovely Daughter, M!