American Senators denying access to Americans

Maria de Chirikof
Posted May 14, 2009 from United States

Well, how weird and also how rude. I was trying to email a congresswoman but she wont accept any emails unless they are from her constituents. I keep getting a thing where she can not reply to my emails and I seem to have the wrong zip code to write to her.

What is up with this? Do they really think that they are not responsible to hear from all Americans now?

Do not hide from us or we will begin to look very closely at what you are trying to hide from us. Public service, especially one that decides things for all of America really needs to be available to the people of America!

Using sophisticated website technical gadgets to hide from us does not help with the trust issue! It is disgusting to see them doing this and trying to make it seem like it is a good thing for their people.

This lack of respect for the will of the people should be addressed and corrected, so if you are an American please write your own senator (at least these should get through, hopefully) and ask them to be responsible members of Congress and listen to the voice of the people. Maria

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  • Jacqueline Patiño
    May 14, 2009
    May 14, 2009

    Dear Maria:

    I thoght this only happened in my country! Here we cannot reach anyone because their emails are configurated to read us as spam. We keep getting banned from expressing our opinions to them. I thought it was a matter of time before they realized they can't do that. But it turns out it gets worse all the time. We should all sign some kind of open letter to congressman all over the world so that they let our messages get through.



  • aliĝngix
    May 14, 2009
    May 14, 2009

    Sneaky sneaky. I think they should be more open to the public. All it takes is evidence and a court case. I agree with you, that even if you are not from your area, we a re from your country and we have a right to give you, a person who is going to affect a country's direction, to HEAR what we have to say. Thanks for sharing.