Obama's use of Gitmo

Maria de Chirikof
Posted May 16, 2009 from United States

I am deeply worried about this change in attitude. I do not approve of the methods the previous administration used at all and dislike this continued use of it. He says it will be 'with rights' but that whole system was wrong so you can not keep a little of it and say this part only we will use.

How many of us totally trust that these people detained are actual terrorists? I imagine some are freedom fighters for their own country, some have some sort of knowledge that this group wants and hides behind the US flag to get it from them or some were in the wrong place at the wrong time and how do we tell these people from the real terrorists? We already know they suffered inhumane treatment. We now know why Obama refuses to release the photos since they plan to continue this same system 'but with more rights'.

I am an Alaskan Native and know full well exactly what these people are capable of. I know what they did to my family, my relatives and my people. You do not need to take my word for it, you can look it up yourself if you want the truth about America and how it treats people who come between them and oil and other natural resources. It is not me being mean and saying this but that this is a part of American history and recent history at that.

Does this mean I hate being American? No, of course not. I want to change the way they treat people and bring Justice back to America. I want them to be honest about the things they do and I want Americans to quit pretending they have no idea why these things happen to people like Alaskan natives or other oil rich places and peoples. I want them to understand fully that the 'privileges' they enjoy come at a cost to others, others like me and my culture. They can no longer pretend they do not know what is happening.

Even with all this going on there is always hope.

It is the voice of the American people that needs to be heard. Obama has shown numerous times he is willing to listen to us and bring about the changes we want but we have to do our part for this to work. We need to become involved in the whole process. There are many sites that offer 'action alerts' where an email is sent to you directly with information and a link to act so it is very convenient and easy for people who have busy lives to be in touch with what is happening in the world and in America.

It is up to you to decide which issues you want to work with and do a search and you will find many. You do need to take the time to browse and make sure it is a real one and not one that is against our goals but masquerading as a real one. America is a great country because when push comes to shove the American people do pull together to bring about the changes needed. We can not stop now though. So, please let your voice be heard.



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