Healing Oneself

Maria de Chirikof
Posted June 14, 2009 from United States

I did a henna tattoo once before when celebrating my freedom when I got my divorce and just did one the other day to celebrate 'healing'. While my own are nowhere near what they should be, I do like them and what they represent to me.

The pictures are not the best since I had just taken them off and gotten out of the shower but was feeling excited so took a couple of picture but not from the best angles. I also did them so they would fade quickly since the lady I work for might not like them and I have a few weeks free so thought it was a good time to do them. One day I would love to go to an artist and get some beautiful ones but this is my version of them and this one site shows the true beauty of them. Here is a site to glance through and learn about henna tattoos and see the gorgeous designs: Henna Artisans

For the idea of healing we took a sort of stylized version of a 'medicine wheel' on my hands showing healing energy. There is that sort of doctor symbol but in a more 'healer' idea so not quite a copy of anything but bits and pieces to make up an idea of healing. There are rays showing the healing energy and lines on the sides of my hands showing thoughts and actions (writing) that heal. On my arm it shows a kind of 'rising sun' idea where healing energy is glowing. Across my back we did a sort of nature theme and it is kind of hard to tell but it is a flower and vines image. Healing henna tattoos

And on my feet we tried to decide what to do and finally decided on a stylized dragon for that kind of 'friend who walks with dragons' idea. It got a bit smeared when I forgot about them and accidentally smudged it a whole lot! But the idea is still there, mostly.

Walking with dragons

They will fade within a week or so because I did not keep them on for very long. Real ones look much better and I hope you can look through and see some. Some day I would love to find someone who does them and have the experience of a sort of Mehendi celebration with friends and my daughters.

And a warning that should be more widespread since many people want this but in black so be careful and read the ingredients. This is from the site mentioned earlier:

Black Mehendi - Warning! All products claiming to be "Black Henna" have other ingredients than henna added in them. A chemical dye called Phenylenediamine, referred to as PPD, is often used to create a fast-taking, jetblack result. This is a very dangerous toxin and unfortunately is very harmful on skin, often causing a so-called chemical burn. This is much like a strong allergic reaction, many people get it and many don't, but I advice you not to take the risk. Please stay away from these products and stick to pure henna. Henna simply doesn't penetrate far enough into healthy, adult unbroken skin to cause problems. Allergic reactions to henna are very rare, it is safe to use and the result is beautiful.

So, the idea of what is healing for you can be symbolized by many things depending on your personal ideas and views about things. Some may want things more like a new haircut which I have done myself but am now trying to grow it out to see how long I can get it and still stay manageable. A new haircut can really change your feelings since other people notice it right off too. Another popular one is buying a new outfit, something you would not normally buy to treat yourself. You can see the pink straps of my 'lady pirate' top that makes me feel powerful and gorgeous so the power f a new outfit is another good way to show your healing yourself.

I believe we all need to try to do this every so often where we can free ourselves a bit more from our past and take on the future full of hope and positive energy. What kinds of things do you do, I would love to hear!


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  • Jacqueline Patiño
    Jun 14, 2009
    Jun 14, 2009

    Your healing process has terminated, and you have given permission to yourself for being happy again. Nothing can be better than that.

    I love reading your posts. You always have some new story about you that will keep me interested for days. This time, you got me asking myself what do I do in my healing time. Let me see, first of all I imagine I have a 'thought eraser' so powerful that it will not only erase the memory, but the feelings that go with it as well.

    Then I go out dancing, I practice my laughter exercises in front of my mirror before going out so that I make sure I will have a good time, and I organize a garage sale where I get rid of everything that reminds me of the bad moments.

    I remember that last time I considered that I have healed for something really big, after doing all I told you, I took some holy water and white flowers and blessed all my house, in the four corners, so that all the evil that had come in would find its way out easily that day. And it worked.

    I never thought of a tatoo though. I never knew there were henna tatoos either. I am intrigued indeed. Will take a look.

    A big hug for you my dear friend.


  • Maria de Chirikof
    Jun 15, 2009
    Jun 15, 2009

    The girls got really into this one game called Dance Dance Revolution where they play it on the Wii game console and it has mats you stand on. You listen to the song, watch the cartoon dancers on the tv and follow the arrows for which area to step on. When we first got it they all used the mats but after awhile only one used it while the others just danced. It is fun watching them and they always invite me to join in but I use that time to get online (hehe).

    A thought eraser is a thing where if we could figure out how to bottle it we would be rich woman!

    The idea of a garage sale to get rid of the stuff that reminds you of bad times is a great idea since many hold on to them for no other reason then it was a gift or something like that. The girls love going to garage sales but we have not yet gone this year.

    We love henna tattoos since it lasts a few weeks then it is gone. Someday I want to go to a professional and get some done since it is a nice idea for celebrating things. I really like that mine are already fading since I was worried the lady I work for who is in her mid-80's would not like them. We will be doing them again before summer is over I am sure. I think it is gaining in popularity because it is temporary yet makes a huge statement. If you try one take pictures and post for us!



  • Maria de Chirikof
    Jun 18, 2009
    Jun 18, 2009

    Oh yeah, I found a lady in Palmer who does the Henna parties and wrote her wanting to do a "girls night in" one around my birthday. I wrote and said it will be 5 of us for sure and maybe up to 8 depending on how many I know want to try it. If it is just the 5 of us it would take maybe an hour to do a design on our hands and another for the anklet ones we would like too. So I said I would schedule 2 hours right now and let her know later on if we need to add another hour in or not and which day to do it since my birthday falls on a Friday so we might plan to do it that Saturday or Sunday depending on if anyone else wants to do it with us or not.

    The girls are excited since the ones we do ourselves are never as pretty as the ones done by a henna artist. I will post pictures when we do them.