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Maria de Chirikof
Posted June 17, 2009 from United States

Here is one response I got when asking around about information on Attu survivors and their descendants:

Have you heard of the "Aleut-L" list serv? I think that may help you in your efforts on your research. Take a look at the link below and it will show you how to join the list serv and from there, you can send a message, like the one below, and other Aleuts and people interested in the Aleut culture and history will get the email and be able to respond to you with their opinions, stories, etc.

I am not sure how active it is but these list groups send an email to your address each time someone writes a post and responds. You can choose to get the 'digest' version that is done at the end of the day of all posts that day or get them as they come in.

Here is an online version of a newspaper I came across today that is called The Tundra Drums. The Tundra is the northern areas of Alaska and I live in the south-central part so it is a different area then mine but still might interest anyone who wants to learn more about Alaska and it's indigenous population.

This is the article that made me buy the paper when I saw it:

Tribes Seek Changes in ANSCA (Alaska Native Settlement Claims Act) and is very interesting to me as I also feel this way.

For one thing, tribal chiefs weren’t consulted before ANCSA passed, and those chiefs never ceded their authority, said Brad Garness, acting executive director of AITC. Also, without land, the tribes struggle to generate revenue and solve longstanding problems, including high rates of unemployment and suicide in rural Alaska.

And why it is very important to get this addressed:

Those Natives can become shareholders if their elders pass shares onto them, or if corporations expand their shareholder rolls to include them, a decision most corporations haven’t made.

My corporation is The Aleut Corporation and they say we will get less checks then now if we open our rolls to our kids. So they are left out of the loop so to speak and this is wrong!

One especially disturbing element is But TKC is planning to give land to tribes through a unique agreement with the state, which governs village corporations. since what do you do if the state is corrupt or cares more for non-native peoples then us?

Just some things I thought might interest people. Thanks for reading,


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  • Maria de Chirikof
    Jun 17, 2009
    Jun 17, 2009

    I went with my twins there and got some resources and they are copying some documents for me as well. Very exciting to read and see the documents written back then. It seems the chain was divided into 3 different maritime cultures sort of like England Ireland and Scotland where they were all in the same area but different. I was reading how not many if any speak the language that was in Attu, especially after the relocation since I think what they speak is the Atka Island one.

    I would really love any who can to sign up for the Aleut_L list serve to show we are still of interest to the world! We have so much to look over and I am getting the list of survivors from Attu and their descendants since it is hard to feel a part of a tribe when you do not know any of them besides my own brother and sisters...

    Got some more resources to track down so no shortage of things to read and keep busy with. There is a "Urban Unangax" culture camp this next month that should be fun! Where the adults get to learn drums, visors, weaving, regalia, and head dresses. (Hehe, will start a new fashion trend soon...)

    So, how is your day going?