HGTV Design Star, anyone watch it?

Maria de Chirikof
Posted September 16, 2009 from United States

We don't have cable at home since we "turned off the tv" when the girls' elementary school was having a promo thing where you turn it off for a week and get your kids involved in real life and people more, maybe 7 or so years ago now. The girls are used to it now and they can watch tv episodes without commercials by renting them. My guilty secret is the lady I work with and I watch tv together when I am with her and sometimes we watch this show.

I think the guy who won is adorable and glad he won. When I get a house and save up to redecorate I would definately write and try to get him to do it.

What does everyone else think of him? The girls were teasing me about sounding like a 'fangirl' since I was showing them this page and saying how I thought he was "hot"...

I missed most of it but saw bits and pieces of it. I guess it is because I just got an email from hgtv that I got to thinking and looking at the site...


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